More than just a tip

When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.
                                             -Chinese Proverb

We don’t say thank you often enough.  I know I don’t say thank you nearly as much as I should.  But I’m trying.  One way I do this is to leave a little note with the tip whenever we go out to eat.  I usually say thanks for the good service and to tell the chef that it was delicious.  It is a really easy and simple act that can put a smile on another person’s face.  These little tags are small enough that you can keep a couple in your wallet and jot down a thank you the next time you enjoy your food and service.

 What do you do to say thank you?

Just right click on the image, save to your desktop, and then print as you would any photo!

Child of God Subway Art

Subway Art is all the rage and now you can have some for your home.  This sweet little piece will look perfect in any child’s room.  The simple words remind us of the powerful truth of our divine heritage.



Noodles & Snoodles

According to Google the word present in Italian is presente.  I think I can handle that one.  It’s pretty easy.  Or should I say easye?

For this presente you’ll need

  • A colander
  • dish towel(s)
  • box of noodles
  • jar of sauce
  • Italian seasonings
  • cooking utensils (optional)

The colander takes the place of a basket and the dish towels take the place of tissue paper!  Super simple!  Don’t forget your free download below!  Or belowe.

Note: After receiving a few emails about my incorrect Italian I have created a new gift tag.  This is Pasta Night 2.0.  Thanks for helping out my poor language skills!  : )

Wood he like this gift?

I put together this present for our 5th anniversary.  Did you know the 5th anniversary is the wood anniversary?  Well now you do.

This could easily be used for any birthday, anniversary, congratulations, or just because gift though.  My wood present was a nice set of wooden barbecue…cooking things.  What are they called?  Really big silverware?  Man tongs?

Other wooden ideas would be any kind of woodworking tool or saw, a wooden frame with a favorite picture in it, a pocket knife, heck anything made out of wood will work!

Print off your own tag:

Time for Baby

It seems like baby shower season is in full swing!   This cute and easy gift idea is sure to make your present get noticed among the endless onesies.  It’s a Time for Baby Gift Basket!

Time for Baby Gift Basket- free printables!

You’ll need:

  • Basket
  • At least one clothing item (you can add more outfits if you like)
  • Little plastic dishes like a sippy cup or toddler spoons
  • Bath towel or blanket (you can also add baby shampoo or soap)

Arrange your items in the basket with some tissue paper and attach the following tags to the corresponding item.  Place the clock on the front of the basket.

Time for Baby Gift Basket Girl Time for Baby Gift Basket Boy

Simple and adorable!  Download the PDF for the Gift Tags.

Looking for another unique gift idea?  Check out these adorable diaper cakes from  They are just too cute!

Gospel ABC’s

While continuous shoveling of cheerios and goldfish into your toddler’s mouth may keep them quiet during church it doesn’t have much spiritual or educational value.  So let’s ditch the sacrament snacks!  And instead spend a few minutes of sacrament looking at this cute little Gospel ABC book.  Throw it in the purse or diaper bag and you are good to go!

I made this book for myself long before I had a blog, or had even thought about starting a blog.  If I had known that I would soon be sharing this with all of you I would have created it in a different format.  But this is what I have and since I have enjoyed it so much I decided to go ahead and make it available for everyone.  The book was created in Microsoft Power Point and if you are familiar with Microsoft programs then you can easily add in your own pictures to the pages as needed.   I printed my book at the UPS store, cut out each letter, and laminated them so they’ll last a long time.  You can print at home, or any local copy store.  Enjoy the book and please email me with any questions!

Gospel ABC- Power Point File








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