Christmas Holiday Decor

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!  Red, and merry, and bright.

I purchased a couple of sparkly ornaments and bows from the Dollar Tree but other than that I had all the other items on hand.  Whatever your color scheme is walk around your house and pull everything that has the right colors.  You might be surprised what you can find before you have to go and buy something.

A white candle wrapped in red ribbon – easy!  And the “snow” behind the wooden’s left over pillow stuffing!  And it’s not the last you’ll see of the batting, I’ve got another craft or two where I’ve put it to use.

The sofa table also got the full red and white makeover.  My favorite part is the square bins.  If you’ve seen my table before in other decor posts you might remember they are in various shades of brown.  With some white wrapping paper and red bows from the Dollar Tree, and polka dot ribbon from Joann’s they are perfect!

A red scarf serves as a table runner to display a few simple objects.  The white nativity is one in our collection.  Every year my husband and I go out and buy a new nativity to add.  We usually make a whole day out of it listening to Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate, and looking at holiday lights.  I plan to carry this tradition on when we have children but wrapping up the nativity to put underneath the Christmas tree.  Then when it is time to open presents that will be the first present we open followed by the reading of the Christmas story.  I hope it will help us keep the true meaning of Christmas in our minds as we enjoy the presents we’ve received that year.

Our other little nativities are clustered on the kitchen table around a large hurricane jar filled with ornaments.

I sure love this time of year and all the pretty decorations!

December Visiting Teaching- LDS

December’s message is called Visiting Teaching, A Work of Salvation and you can read the entire message here.  I think this message really tells us of our responsibilities as Visiting Teachers and the important role we have to reach out to others and lift them up.  It is a great thing to remember all the time, but especially now during the Christmas season.

You can download the handout to mail or take to the ladies you visit.

Download PDF

Winter White Wreath

As I’m writing this post there are soft, fluffy white flakes falling outside my window.  I’m cuddled up in a blanket on the couch, a steaming mug of hot chocolate nearby, and I could just sit and watch this beautiful snowstorm all afternoon.  I have a love affair with snow.  It makes my heart happy.  The softness and fresh feel of snow inspired my Christmas decor this year and it all starts with my Winter Wreath.  I love that I will be able to use this wreath now for Christmas and throughout all of January as well.  It was very easy to make and pretty budget friendly as well.

I’m a bad blogger and I forgot to take a picture of my supplies until I was already halfway through making the wreaths.  :)  But here is what I used to make 2 wreaths:

– 2 Styrofoam wreath forms from Joann’s

– 2 Packages of White Feathers from Joann’s

– 2 Pearl Floral Stems from Joann’s

– 2 Stems White Berries from Dollar Tree

– 2 Packages White Snowflake Picks from Dollar Tree

I think all these supplies cost me about $18 which isn’t bad when you divide it in half.  Using scissors I cut all the different stems apart and inserted them into the Styrofoam wreath in a random pattern.

The larger feathers went into the wreath form easily but once I got down to the smaller feathers I needed to attach them using hot glue.  I absolutely adore the full, fluffy feathers and I used them to fill in all the spaces in between the stems.

And yes, I did just leave the top part of the wreath the bare Styrofoam.  It’s white.  It works.

A thick, sparkly white ribbon and bow finishes the wreath off and makes it easy to hang.  I’ve placed them over the French doors in our living room and I’m very happy with the way they turned out.

The rest of my Christmas decor will have touches of red but these wreaths are perfect all in white.


DIY Glitter Candle

Awhile ago when my mom was in town visiting we were walking around the mall and stopped to check out some holiday decorations.  We are both immediately drawn to anything glittery, it’s kind of funny to hear us go “Ooo” in unison whenever something sparkly catches our eye.  :)  One of those decorations that made us pause were some candles covered in pretty beads.  Very festive, very pricey, and being the thrifty gals that we are we thought “Eh, we can do it cheaper.”  We did and you can too.

You’ll need a candle in any size/color, tiny beads in any size/color, glue, a paper plate, and if you want some glitter spray.

Pour the beads onto a paper plate and mix them together if you are using a variety.  Working a section at a time brush the glue onto the candle.  Don’t be afraid to give it a thick coat.  Roll the glued section through the beads.  Repeat until the candle is covered all the way around.  You can do just the top or the whole things.

If you want to you can finish off the whole thing with some spray glitter or varnish to seal it but that step isn’t necessary.  And this is probably a common sense thing but I’ve got to say it anyway.   This candle is for decoration purposes only.  Don’t burn your house down by lighting a candle that has been sprayed with varnish.  Thank you.

I’m “Over the Moon” for these gift tags!

Hi Darling Doodles readers! I am so excited to be here today! I love Brie and all of her amazing ideas! My name is Lisa and I blog at Over the Big Moon along with my good friend Pam. We are all about family, traditions, and fun! We have a lot of free printables, free Pre-K packs, and recipes so come on over and take a look!

Today we are sharing some canning jar toppers with you. I love this time of year but don’t love how many treats come to my door! Well, I do love them – that’s the problem :-) About 4 years ago I came across a recipe to Pepper Jelly and it changed my life! I love it! It is a super easy appetizer that you just dump over cream cheese and serve with Ritz crackers. I thought it would make a great neighbor gift at Christmas time. Not only is it not a treat, but also because people have a lot of parties to go to and this is an easy go to appetizer for them.

There are so many great ideas of things you can put in canning jars to give as gifts that are not food. You can do candy cane play dough, candy cane bath salts, or a holiday sugar scrub. Canning jars just make cute packaging for whatever you are going to give! I wanted to share some canning jar toppers for you. All you have to do is cut them out, tape to the top, put the ring on, and if you are really going all out tie a ribbon. I didn’t want Thanksgiving to be left out so I also made them in fall colors for you!

Click on the image to enlarge, and then right click to save to your computer.

I hope you will come visit us as Over the Big Moon soon! Have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you so much Brie for letting us stop by and say hi today!

Gather Round the Table

For those of you who are hosting Thanksgiving at your house (not me!) I have some last minute inspiration for you.  These creative and unique ideas will help you set a beautiful table that will be sure to delight your guests and compliment the yummy foods.

#1- Ditch the Cloth  Don’t be afraid to try something besides a fabric table cloth.  Paper is inexpensive, comes in many different colors, and clean up is a breeze!  This kid’s table is adorable with the addition of brown paper.

Country Living

But don’t think that brown paper is only for the kiddos.  Look at how sophisticated it can also look in this rustic and cozy setting.

Pottery Barn

Looking for some color?  Try rolls of gift wrapping.  With so many different patterns and colors the combinations are almost endless.  And if someone spills a spoonful of gravy you have nothing to worry about!

Martha Stewart

Polkadot Chair

#2- Wipe Away Boring The napkin is probably one of the most utilitarian pieces on the table but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  Inserting a simple flower or branch into the napkin is a beautiful detail that requires seconds to put together.

Martha Stewart

For a simple, modern look wrap your napkins with lace.  This easy step adds just the right amount of class and sophistication.

Martha Stewart

Even just changing up the direction of the napkin can have an impact.  We typically lay napkins beside the plate or vertically across the top.  By going horizontal and tucking the ends underneath, your napkin turns into a pretty ribbon.


Think Outside the Box From your colors to silverware containers to decor don’t be afraid to break from tradition.  Look for items you already have in your house that can be incorporated into a design that truly reflects you and your home.

Jars and canisters make great containers to hold the utensils, especially if you are serving your food buffet style.


Candles are beautiful in any tablescape and when displayed in glass bottles the centerpiece really becomes something special.

Pottery Barn

Family pictures make wonderful and personal decorations.  Not only do they look beautiful but they are good reminders of all we are thankful for and what really matters most.

Country Living

Play around with color!  You might not think of blue as a typical color for Thanksgiving but look at how gorgeous it is when paired with orange!  Like deep purples?  Have a thing for lime green?  There is no rule that says you can’t decorate with it for Thanksgiving!

Stone Gable

Color Sizzle

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe Thanksgiving.  With so many things to be thankful for in my life I want to say a quick thank you to all my wonderful readers.  I truly am inspired and uplifted by you every day!  I have a special guest post for you tomorrow and then I’m going to take the rest of the week off to enjoy time with my family.  I’ll be back next Monday though and then the Christmas crafts begin!  See you then!

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