Mixing Two Lives Together

I think I’ve said this before on this blog but it makes me laugh so it bears repeating.  When Sam and I were married we received six waffle irons as gifts.  Six!  And they were all the exact same one.   Waffle party at our house!

So it is true that there may be some standard gifts that people always give at receptions.  Pots and pans, towels, mixing bowls, etc.  But there is a reason those are standard…they’re useful and everyone needs them!  The trick to making your gift memorable is simply packaging it up in a cute and creative way.

Here is one way to jazz up a gift- I put together some whisks and spoons in a mason jar and tied a cute ribbon around the jar.  Add in some cookbooks and mixing bowls and you have a gift that is not only useful, but just different enough to be memorable.

Mixing and Blending Gift with Printable Tag

Of course, what really pulls it all together is a gift tag with a slightly cheesy pun!

Download the PDF

Mixing and Blending Gift TagAs you can see I made two different tags so that one will work with a blender as well.  And you can definitely pair either one with a nice mixer like a Kitchen Aid or a Bosch.  That would be a great wedding gift for sure!

World’s Greatest POP

Over the weekend I was doing my grocery shopping and wandering down the aisles waiting for some Father’s Day inspiration to spark and give me a little gift idea.  I stumbled across Pop Em’s donuts and thought hey, I bet I could make a cute tag using the word Pop, so I put them in my cart and kept on shopping.  And with each aisle I kept finding more and more items with the word pop and the gift idea grew!  I picked up a few of them to put together a gift basket and share it all with you in case you are looking for a fun present for Father’s Day.

World's Greatest Pop Gift Idea and Printable Gift Tags

The popcorn bucket is from the Dollar Tree but any cute basket could work.  And what to put inside?  There’s lots of options!  I clearly didn’t use all of these in my basket, but here’s a good list to pick from:

– Pop ‘Em Donuts

– Popcorn

– Pop-Tarts

– Soda Pop

– Pop Rocks

– Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

– Pops Cereal

– Pop Chips

– Ring Pop

– Otter Pops

– Tootsie Roll Pops

And anything else you find that fits the bill!

World's Greatest Pop Gift Idea and Printable Gift TagsNeed a tag to go along with your gift?  I’ve got you covered.  Whether this is for your husband, your dad, brother, grandpa, etc. let them know you think they are the World’s Greatest Pop!  And choose from three snazzy colors.  :)

World's Greatest Pop Printable Gift Tags

Download the PDF

Being a dad, especially being a good dad, is not an easy job and these men of ours need to hear that we appreciate them just as much as we need to hear it.   This basket may be a fun, small token of appreciation but it will bring a smile to his face!

World's Greatest Pop Gift Idea and Printable Gift Tags

White Chocolate Cocoa Krispie Treats

I have to admit it, whenever I think of rice krispie treats I think of a dessert I would have enjoyed when I was 8.  I don’t know why I picture them as a little kid’s treat but I do, right up there with otter pops and fruit-by-the-foot.  Because of this I haven’t made them in years, but this version has convinced me to change my mind.  These are seriously delicious.  And while they are simple to make the flavors and presentation are definitely suited for grown-up tastes.

White Chocolate Cocoa Krispie Treats

In fact, the combination of the chocolate krispies, marshmallows, butter, and white chocolate make these so rich and sweet that all you need are bite sized pieces, and a tall glass of milk.  And some restraint to keep from eating way too many.

*Tip: If you can find it I recommend using Ambrosia White Bark for the melting chocolate.  It’s delicious!

White Chocolate Cocoa Krispie Treats White Chocolate Cocoa Krispie TreatsI also forgot how great a party food krispie treats are.  You can make a ton, fairly easily too, and pretty much everyone enjoys them.  Change out the sprinkles on the top to match whatever colors you need!

White Chocolate Cocoa Krispie TreatsWhite Chocolate Cocoa Krispie Treats

Download the PDF Recipe

White Chocolate Cocoa Krispie Treats

A Very Sweet Birthday Party

A couple of weekends ago we had Savannah’s first birthday party!  I’m still having a hard time accepting that my little baby is now one, but we had a wonderful day with friends celebrating her and the sweet girl she is.  Now I’m warning you, picture overload ahead!

As her birthday got closer I found myself overwhelmed with all the ideas and cute themes out there and I’ll admit it, I had to try really hard to not go overboard.  There’s so many cute things to do!  But I also knew that I wanted to be able to just enjoy the day, keep the stress low, and do something simple and sweet.  I decided to go with a Berry Farm Stand theme and I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Sweet Berry Farm Stand Birthday PartyOne reason I picked this theme was I knew that I could already use  lots of items from around my house to decorate.  Because of this I was able to keep the cost really low, basically buying only the food, plates/napkins, and a couple small things.

Sweet Berry Farm Stand 1st Birthday PartyI created the Farm Stand sign in Photoshop and ordered it from Costco, my favorite place to order large prints on the cheap.  I love collecting old milk bottles so I already had a bunch on hand to create some pretty floral arrangements.  You may also recognize the two wooden crates from this post and this post.

Sweet Berry Farm Stand 1st Birthday Party

I also have to brag on the food because it was ah-mazing!  And it’s okay for me to brag on the food because it was the genius work of someone else.  We were so lucky to have Savannah’s birth mom fly out and visit us for a week and be here for Savannah’s first birthday.  We had a lovely visit, open adoption is wonderful!  Her birth mother also happens to be a kitchen mastermind and she planned out the food.  I loved cooking next to her in the kitchen, and I love that I’ll have those memories to share with Savannah as she grows.

Sweet Berry Farm Stand 1st Birthday PartySavannah took us all by surprise when it came to eating her cake.  Knowing her silly, wild personality I thought she was going to go crazy on the cake and get it all over but except for one little face-plant she ate it so daintily.  What a little lady.

Sweet Berry Farm Stand 1st Birthday PartySweet Berry Farm Stand 1st Birthday PartyI’m so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated this special day with us.  We sure love our sweet girl, she brings us more joy than we could have ever imagined.

Sweet Berry Farm Stand 1st Birthday PartyI’m sure you can all relate to the feeling of the first year just flying by.   How has it been one year already?  I’m amazed at how much Savannah has grown and changed and I’m so thankful that I have these pictures to remember it by.  Each month I took a picture of Savannah in the same spot on our house and then added the text using Photoshop to write down a few notes on each month.

Monthly Baby Pictures for the First Year

Happy 1st Birthday Savannah!  Can’t wait to enjoy year #2 with you!

June 2014 Visiting Teaching

The Visiting Teaching Message for this month is called The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Minister and reminds us of our ability to be instruments in the hands of the Lord and follow His example as we serve those around us.  One of the quotes I really loved is from David L. Beck, “Heavenly Father will guide you, and angels will assist you.  You will be given power to bless lives and rescue souls.”

Here is the handout for this month!

Download the PDF

June 2014 Visiting Teaching

Nautical Inspired Summer Shelf

Seeing as Easter was oh, a month and a half ago, I finally decided I should switch out my holiday shelf for something that wasn’t bunnies and eggs.  I’m not quite ready to put up Fourth of July decor so I gathered up a few items from around my home and put together a Nautical Inspired Summer Shelf.

Nautical Inpsired Summer Shelf and Decor

The beachy/seaside looks is one of my favorites, and always says warm summer days to me!  On one side you can see my DIY Rope Vase, which lends itself perfectly to a nautical look.  I also love the different blue hues in the bottles that I’ve collected from trips to the thrift store.  I think I have a weakness for colored glass bottles.

Nautical Inpsired Summer Shelf and Decor

Any guesses as to what the three blue globes are in the netting?

Nautical Inpsired Summer Shelf and Decor

Well if you guessed unused curtain rod finials that I found at a yard sale last summer than you are correct!   They were sitting in on a table, all three for $0.50 and I just had to scoop them up!  No idea what I would use them for, but I thought they were so pretty.

And lastly I put some sea shell scrapbook paper in my frames underneath and made another quick banner with paper as well.

Nautical Inpsired Summer Shelf and DecorNautical Inpsired Summer Shelf and DecorI haven’t made it out to the beach yet this year but I’ve got a little bit of it in my own living room, which is almost as good!