September Visiting Teaching

The message for this month is called Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ- Powerful and Full of Glory and teaches us about the power we can find in Christ and now it helped Him to fulfill his divine mission.  “Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said that by this power our Savior created the heavens and earth, performed miracles, and endured the pain of Gethsemane and Calvary.  As we come to understand this, our faith in Christ will increase, and we will become stronger.”

This month’s message features a quote from the Relief Society President.  As we make and keep temple covenants, the Lord blesses us with His power. Linda K. Burton, Relief Society general president, said: “Covenant keeping strengthens, empowers, and protects…”

I hope you enjoy taking or mailing these handouts to the ladies you visit teach!

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September 2015 Visiting Teaching Handout from Darling Doodles

My Gallery Wall

When we moved from our two bedroom apartment in Boston to a much larger, four bedroom house in Phoenix I found myself with a lot more space to decorate!  One wall in our house sat empty for many, many months because I could not figure out what to do with it.  Our family room has very high ceilings and the main wall is quite large.  I’m one of those weird people that actually don’t like high ceilings.  I’d rather have them be a normal height with pretty moldings or a something like coffered ceiling.  Tall ceilings feel empty to me, whereas a lower one feels more cozy and intimate.  But I digress….back to the actual room I was decorating.  I spent lots of time looking for inspiration on Pinterest, trying different layouts, and once I was finally done I really liked how the final gallery wall turned out.  I thought I’d share the design with you!

Knowing we had a big space to fill I also wanted to incorporate some shelves.  Of course I always try to keep things as budget friendly as possible so I hit up Goodwill first. (Sorry for the poor photo, I snapped it with my phone really quickly before painting the shelves.)

My Gallery Wall and Family Room Design

I ended up finding two shelves that still had their Pottery Barn price tag on them and I picked up each one for $5.00.  They are the bottom two shelves.  The top shelf was one from our old apartment that the previous tenant had left on the wall.   I am not above using another person’s cast offs!  :)

A fresh coat of white paint and the shelves looked like a perfect matching set once hung on the wall and accessorized.

My Gallery Wall and Family Room DesignThe white frames are all from Ikea and the black frames were another freebie.  A friend was going to get rid of a box of 12 black frames she had in her basement and I was more than happy to take them all. The rest have been painted and hung in other rooms around the house.  The clock is from Hobby Lobby and you might recognize the white vases from this post.  (Reminder, they are actually sparkling cider bottles that I spray painted.)

My Gallery Wall and Family Room DesignI am really happy with how well the gallery display fills the large wall and gives me a place to show some of my favorite art and family pictures.

My Gallery Wall and Family Room DesignIt looks great above our toy storage piece which Sam built for me a few months after moving into this house.  I LOVE it.  It is perfect for controlling the mess of toys and helps keep our family room clean and organized.  The bins are from Home Depot and the baskets on top are from Ikea.  The baskets hold diapers, wipes, burp cloths, baby blankets, etc.  They make it so easy to have all the necessary stuff on hand and yet tucked away so that the diapers are not on display for everyone to see.

My Gallery Wall and Family Room DesignWhile there are still some projects I’d like to do in this room I’m pretty happy with how it looks overall.  It is a great room for our kids to play in and for us to kick back on the couch and watch a movie after they’ve gone to bed.  What more do you need in a family room?  :)

My Gallery Wall and Family Room Design


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s a SUPER BABY SHOWER!

My sweet sister-in-law Cassie is getting ready to have her first baby this fall.  I was able to help plan and host a baby shower for her and we celebrated in super style.  Superhero style, that is.  She is decorating the baby’s nursery in all things superhero so that was the perfect theme for her shower as well.

Superhero Baby Shower IdeasI created this really easy and inexpensive backdrop with plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree, which is also where I found the shiny stars.   I folded the top edge of the tablecloth down to create the overhang and then as I taped it onto the wall I gathered slightly to create the ruffled look.  The stars were perfect to hide the tape all along the top.

Superhero Baby Shower IdeasIt brought so much color into the room and had a big impact with a very small amount of effort and low cost!  I also hung large tissue paper pom-poms in the windows and doorways.

Superhero Baby Shower IdeasFor the food we had fruit, vegetables, popcorn, and cupcakes.  But of course, we served them superhero style.

_DSC0051 Superhero Baby Shower Ideas Superhero Baby Shower Ideas Superhero Baby Shower Ideas(Aren’t these cupcakes adorable?  They were ordered from Sam’s club and they tasted just as good as they looked.)

It was such a fun shower, I hope Cassie enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together along with her mom and aunt.  And I cannot wait to meet my newest nephew when he arrives in just a couple of short months!

Superhero Baby Shower Ideas

I’ve added the Superhero Baby Shower Party Package to my Etsy store for the next time you are putting together a baby shower!  With fun colors and lots of cute elements this is the perfect theme any little hero who is about to make his debut.

Superhero Baby Shower Party PackageSuperhero Baby Shower Party Package 2 Superhero Baby Shower Party Package 4 Superhero Baby Shower Party Package 3

I’m going to be editing a few of the items to create a Superhero Birthday Package as well so be on the lookout for that soon!


“Extra” Fun Back to School Gift Idea

I know most people are a little bummed about the fact that summer is just about over and school will be starting soon.  I however, could not be more thrilled that summer is winding down.  The 100+ degree weather in Phoenix and I just do not mix.  Please let the cooler weather get here as soon as possible!  I do find it crazy that the school year is beginning soon (some have started already!) and they seem to start earlier and earlier every year.  I know back to school is a busy time for lots of people so I wanted to put together one gift idea that is quick, easy, and something that is actually useful for the teacher as well.  It is a gift basket with “extra” supplies for an “extra” good year!

Extra Supplies Back to School Gift Basket with FREE printable tagSchool budgets are tighter and tighter and teachers are using more of their own money to buy school supplies.  I hit up the sales and managed to pick up quite a few items for pretty cheap.  You can include basically anything that fits in school supplies.  Paper, glue sticks, scissors, paper clips, pens, pencils, markers, rulers, staples, post-it notes, crayons, rubber bands, erasers, etc.  Anything!  It would also be cute to include a package of Extra gum as well.

Extra Supplies Back to School Gift Basket with FREE printable tagThis is a gift that is easy to create based on your budget, you can make it with just a few supplies or put together a large basket.  The Dollar Tree has great containers that are perfect for just this type of present.  Add the printable tag and you are all set!

Download the PDF Gift Tag

Extra Supplies Back to School Gift Basket with FREE printable tag

August 2015 Visiting Teaching

I have missed doing the monthly handouts for visiting teaching.  I missed the chance it gave me to sit down each month and read the message and scriptures and think about the meaning as I was creating the design.  I hope you enjoy having these handouts as much as I enjoy putting them together.

The message for August is called Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ- Meek and Humble.  The whole message is good, of course, but a few parts stuck out to me.  One in particular is this quote that says, “Being meek does not mean weakness, but it does mean behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self-worth, and self-control.”  I love that.  Those are all qualities that Christ exhibited perfectly and ones that I would love to develop fully.  I also loved the quote that I put the handout which you can find below.

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August 2015 VT

DIY Play Makeup

My little girl is my shadow, all day every day.  Whatever I am doing Savannah thinks she has to be doing it too.  It is mostly adorable but sometimes frustrating when it involves something that can make a mess.  She is really good at making messes.  Most two year olds are.

Just about every morning when I sit down to do my makeup she crawls up next to me and tries to get her hands onto anything she can.  Now I hate to be one to criticize my own child, but here it goes.  Savannah’s technique for applying makeup is not the best.  In fact, she’s pretty bad at it.  :)

DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishShe has so much fun sitting next to me and being a big girl, but I can’t have her making messes or wasting expensive makeup every day.  So I decided to create some makeup that is just her very own.  And the best part is it is mess free!

DIY Play Makeup With Nail Polish

I picked up a few different colors of nail polish at the dollar store and saved a some of my empty makeup containers. After washing them really well with soap and water I set them aside to dry completely.  Then it was as easy as pouring the polish into the containers.

DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishDIY Play Makeup With Nail Polish DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishHonestly, so easy.  The polish needs to dry for at least 24 hours to completely harden.  Longer if you are pouring it into a deeper container and the polish is thick.

DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishDIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishAnd that is it!  Super simple and cheap.  And now Savannah has her very own makeup that looks like the real thing and is mess free.  It has made my mornings a little easier and I still get to have my makeup buddy next to me.  Win win!