Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find all of your fun graphics?

Almost 100% of my graphics are designed and created by me in Adobe Photoshop.  I can think of a small hand full of printables that use clip art- such as the Lunch Box Notes which were created using PrintShop.

Can you change the wording/color/size of this printable for me?

The short answer: no.  While I would love to help you out I could spend my entire day just changing printables to match everybody’s wrapping paper or gift bag. :)

The long answer: Maybe.  While I don’t have time to change printables to meet every person’s needs for a special occasion I  try to help if I can.   If you need the wording changed for a charity auction, fundraiser, church project then send me an email and I will do everything I can to help you out!  Which leads to the next question…

Can I use your printables for my company, organization, event, etc?

All Darling Doodles free printables are for non-commercial, personal use only.  You may however use them for charity auctions, fundraisers, non-profits, etc. If you are not sure if your organization falls under this category please contact me.

What is the best way to print?

I recommend using photo paper for the clearest quality and the best results.  A quality card stock will still give good results if you don’t have photo paper on hand.

What if I need to print a large quantity?  Any tips?

When I need to print numerous copies I always use the UPS store.  You can order online, or email your local store directly, and usually pick them up the next day.  The quality is always fantastic because of their fancy-schmancy laser printers and I often find it is much cheaper than buying the paper and ink myself.  The UPS store has no idea who I am and is not paying me to say this- I’ve just always had a great experience with them.

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