GCH Giveaway Winner!

Giveaway WinnerThank you to everyone who entered the giveaway from GCH and congratulations to Ree!  I will be in touch with you soon!

I am happy that so many of you fell in love with the products on GCH’s website, just like I did.  And I loved reading your Christmas traditions, you’ve definitely given me some ideas for new ones to start with my little family.  Have a great day everyone!

Catching Fireflies Giveaway

It has been quite awhile since we’ve had a giveaway so I’m really excited to share with you this giveaway sponsored by Catching Fireflies!

Catching-Fireflies-LogoI met the creative minds behind Catching Fireflies when they asked if they could feature some of my lunch box notes in one of their back to school posts.  I of course said yes, and soon we were also working on putting together a great giveaway for you!

Catching Fireflies has a great story of how they turned inspiration from a favorite painting into a thriving business that features local artists, whimsical gifts, decor, and quirky items you won’t find anywhere else!

I’ve picked a few different items to show you, but just know that these hardly scratch the surface.  They have a large inventory with something for everyone!

Catching Fireflies 21. Owl Wall Clock    2. Cupcake Wall Clock

3. Cuckoo Bird Wall Clock    4. Pretty Peacock Wall Clock

Catching Fireflies 31. Destiny Watch Pendant Necklace    2. Botanical Blossom Necklace

3. Bird Branch Necklace    4. Pretty Petal Necklace

Catching Fireflies 41. Little Picasso Brag Board    2. Cupcake Go-Go Purse

3. Oh Sew Adorable Sticky Bellies (Boy’s available too)

4. Mustache Bandages

Catching Fireflies is giving away a gift certificate to their shop for $43!  “we like to offer up odd gift certificate amounts because it’s fun & quirky – just like us.”  You can choose whichever item(s) you want, the best kind of prize!

There are three ways to enter the giveaway:

-Leave a comment saying one thing you like on Catching Fireflies

-Follow Catching Fireflies on Pinterest

-Follow Catching Fireflies on Facebook

PLEASE LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY.  You don’t have to do all three but the more you do the better your chances of winning.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday the 2nd.  There are lots of fun items just waiting for someone to win so enter now and good luck!

My Favorite Summertime… New Series!

First off I have to say that I am so overwhelmed with all of the kind emails and comments I have received over the last few days.  I’ve had tears in my eyes while reading your sweet words and I wish I could give you all a big hug and personally tell you thank you.  You really mean so much to me!

This new phase in our lives is sure to be a crazy, joyful, wonderful, scary, and amazing time and in order to fully focus on it I’ve decided to take some time off of blogging and just enjoy my new little family.  But don’t worry, it isn’t forever and I won’t leave this little blog abandoned!  Nope, for the next few weeks I have some great guest posters lined up to bring you a new series!

My Favorite Summertime Series

Several different bloggers are going to be sharing some of their favorite crafts, recipes, or activities to get you ready for the summer!  Everything from bridal showers (there are always a ton over the summer!) to fun crafts with the kids (you have to entertain them somehow!) I really think there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

I’ll still be around on Facebook, checking my email (so say hi!), and perhaps popping in from time to time but hopefully you all understand the need to take a few weeks off.    There are already things planned for when I get back and ideas I hope to accomplish during the break.  And I’m sure that there will be many more cuddly, chubby baby pictures making their way onto the blog in the future as well!

See ya soon!


Tips to Bring Spring Into Your Home

The other day while I was sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctors and flipping through a couple of their magazines I came across an article about how to bring spring into your home.  And according to this article here are three ways to accomplish this:

1.  Change up your wall color- adding a fresh coat of paint in a new color is a great way to brighten up a room.

2. Update your area rug- change out your area rug for a brighter, more colorful piece to infuse life and light into your space.

3. Replace your furniture- switching out your couches for pieces lighter in color and changing your wooden coffee table for one made of glass instantly lightens the look of your room.

Um, I have a few things to say about these three “tips.”

1. I’m renting so changing my wall color is not an option.  And even if I did own my home, who in their right mind is going to repaint their whole room just for every season?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

2 & 3: Who has the space to store an entire extra set of furniture that is just for spring?  Or the budget?  Honestly…

These tips just are not realistic for me and I’m guessing they aren’t for many of you as well.  So instead I’d like to offer 5 simple and budget friendly ways you can bring spring into your space.

5 simple and budget friendly ways to update your home for spring

Tip #1- Throw Pillows

The pillows on your couch are going to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to change your look.  Pillows can be fairly inexpensive if you keep your eye out for sales, or if you are handy with your sewing machine you can make your own for pennies.  Another way to change your throw pillows is to use pillow covers.  It doesn’t get any easier than that and you don’t have to worry about storing extra pillows.  You just simply use the covers to update the ones you already have.  One place I love for pillow covers is Etsy, especially from Modernality.  I love any of these blue, gray, and yellow covers that simply slip right over your existing pillow.  (No this isn’t a sponsored post.  I’ve just really been impressed with the covers I bought from this shop and I like passing along good deals!)

Blue and Green Pillow Covers

Tip #2- Change Your Art Work

Do you have some pictures or artwork that is full of dark colors hanging on your walls?  You can easily change that out for some lighter, brighter pieces.  Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or fabric is one easy and cheap way to fill large frames or cover a canvas.  Greeting cards and old calendars have beautiful images that look great framed and you can find some in just about every color. I absolutely love this fabric art that Kim made out of a shower curtain she found on sale.  Yes a shower curtain!  See how she did it here.


Tip #3- Bring the Outdoors In

The reason so many people love spring (besides the warm weather) is everything suddenly comes to life and flowers and plants are blooming everywhere.  Bring that inside.  Bring in those colors and the lovely smell of fresh flowers.  Bring something inside that is reminiscent of the new life growing outside.

mld103061_0208_branch_xl Updating your home for spring

Source: Martha Stewart

Tip #4- Accessorize

Simply switching out a few of your accessories, like candles or lampshades, is another quick fix.  Don’t have a large budget? It is amazing what you can do with a trip to the thrift store and a can of spray paint.  Or recycle some of your items and give them a new use. Colored water in old salsa jars may not sound glamorous but see how pretty it looks on my coffee table?  Also don’t be afraid to shop your own house.  Some of your items from other rooms could look great in your newly designed spring living room.

Bringing Spring Into Your Home

Tip #5- Scents

If your weather is warm enough to throw open the windows then open them up and let that fresh air in!  Pull up the shades and stream in that sunshine!  Candles, incense, or oils can also fill the air with fresh scents that uplift and relax.  Some of my favorite spring scents are lavender, lemon, magnolia, and pomegranate.  I love Yankee Candle Factory, but there are a lot of great companies out there with wonderful products.

All these simple and small changes really will make an impact when you bring them together.  To show an example  I designed this living room using Olioboard (addicting website!) inspired by the cozy, dark colors of fall and winter.

Fall & Winter RoomNotice in the next picture all the main pieces are the same.  We’ve kept the same couches, tables, large art work, and the lamp bases.  Lampshades, pillows, and a few of the accessories and art is all that changed.  But what a difference!

Spring Room BlueAre you as excited for spring as I am?  How do you plan on bringing the new season into your home? An entire new set of furniture?  Or some cute throw pillows?  :)




All Aboard the Party Train!

I wanted to take a minute to share with you my newest party package which has been added to my Etsy Shop or can be purchased from the Birthday Party Package page on this blog.   We have several little ones in our extended family (and among our friends) who are obsessed with trains and so it was with them in mind that I created the All Aboard Birthday Party.

All Aboard Party Package 1 All Aboard Party Package 2

 I love the way this package turned out, I think the colors and patterns really make it fun and exciting.  If you’re looking for an easy way to put together a fantastic party then printable packages are the way to go!  Here’s a closer look at just a few of the elements.

These invitations are your guest’s ticket to fun!

All Aboard Customized Invitation

Party Circles make great cupcake toppers, tags to use as decorations, mini banners, etc.  Very versatile!

All Aboard Party Circles

Putting together a pennant banner is a fast and easy decoration that also makes a big impact.  This one has lots of colors and patterns for a major punch.

All Aboard Pennant Banner

I also wanted to just show a couple of the custom party packages that I have done for my customers recently.  (Note that the names, addresses, etc. have all been changed.)  First was one for Mandy who wanted a “classy” construction party for her little one who was turning three.

Construction Birthday Party from Darling Doodles

I also worked with Amanda on her wedding invitations for her upcoming wedding in June.  She was looking for a simple, modern look with trees and butterflies.  I love her colors too, they are so fresh and pretty.

Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitations from Darling Doodles

Those are just a couple of the things I have been working on and I am so appreciative of everyone who is helping me grow my business.  I really want to focus on adding more party packages with lots of varieties in the coming months so be on the lookout for even more choices!  I love to create custom packages (it’s actually my favorite part) so if you have a party coming up I’d love for you to consider working with me to create exactly what you have in mind!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Re-purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

I am one of those people who is not afraid to grab something that is on its way to the trash or that someone else has cast off on the side of the road.  Besides being free, I love transforming old and used pieces into something new and beautiful.  I’m always looking out for pieces large and small that can be re-purposed into something else.   So with that in mind I saved these old sparkling cider bottles that were left over from our night ringing in the new year.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

Bottles are actually something I save a lot.  Everything from spaghetti jars to salsa jars to bottles like these.   The shapes are unique and they can be used for so many things.  I wanted to turn these bottles into some pretty vases so I started with removing the labels.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

Some labels are more stubborn than others and simply pulling off the paper won’t work.  So I broke out my De-Solv-It, which I always use to remove sticky labels.  You can tell I use it a lot since this bottle is almost out!  After spraying the solution on and letting it sit for a few minutes the label was much easier to scrape off using a razor blade.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

It did take a little bit of elbow grease, but in under five minutes both of the bottles were clean and ready to be painted.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

I took advantage of a very unusually warm day to go outside and do some spray painting.  Since it was so nice I took care of quite a few projects at once and I’ll share some of those next week.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

I have yet to tire of painting things a fresh coat of white.  I just love the clean, simple look.  After giving these bottles-now-vases a few coats of white spray paint I embellished them with some charms I found in the dollar bins at Michaels that I strung onto some twine.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

To think that these were headed for the trash… what pretty little vases they turned into.  I’m also in love with these charms.  I’m kind of wishing I had grabbed more.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

And just to prove that I mean it when I say I’m not above decorating with discarded items the frame, the clock, and all those books were pieces that other people were throwing away.  I’m more than happy to give them a new home.

Re-Purposed Sparkling Cider Bottles

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