“Extra” Fun Back to School Gift Idea

I know most people are a little bummed about the fact that summer is just about over and school will be starting soon.  I however, could not be more thrilled that summer is winding down.  The 100+ degree weather in Phoenix and I just do not mix.  Please let the cooler weather get here as soon as possible!  I do find it crazy that the school year is beginning soon (some have started already!) and they seem to start earlier and earlier every year.  I know back to school is a busy time for lots of people so I wanted to put together one gift idea that is quick, easy, and something that is actually useful for the teacher as well.  It is a gift basket with “extra” supplies for an “extra” good year!

Extra Supplies Back to School Gift Basket with FREE printable tagSchool budgets are tighter and tighter and teachers are using more of their own money to buy school supplies.  I hit up the sales and managed to pick up quite a few items for pretty cheap.  You can include basically anything that fits in school supplies.  Paper, glue sticks, scissors, paper clips, pens, pencils, markers, rulers, staples, post-it notes, crayons, rubber bands, erasers, etc.  Anything!  It would also be cute to include a package of Extra gum as well.

Extra Supplies Back to School Gift Basket with FREE printable tagThis is a gift that is easy to create based on your budget, you can make it with just a few supplies or put together a large basket.  The Dollar Tree has great containers that are perfect for just this type of present.  Add the printable tag and you are all set!

Download the PDF Gift Tag

Extra Supplies Back to School Gift Basket with FREE printable tag

The Wheels on the Bus…

I had planned to show you a fun new project we’ve been working on but the weather is seriously interfering with our ability to be outside and paint.  It’s been kind of cold/windy/rainy for the last few days and while that is great snuggle up with a book weather, it’s not the best for DIY-ing.  So in the meantime I’m answering a question sent in by one my readers, Elizabeth.

She was looking for an end of the year gift idea for her children’s bus driver.  I don’t know why I never thought of that before, after all this is the person who gets your child to and from school safely every single day.  Of course they deserve a thank you!  I did a quick search to see what I could find and stumbled across some really cute ideas which I thought I’d share.  There are some seriously creative people out there!  So here’s a round up of some of the best ideas for a bus driver thank you:

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Bus DriversI love how Alish used yellow and brown M&M’s to put together these cute treat bags.  The color of school buses and bees! Very nicely done!   Thanks for BEE-ing the BEST Bus Drivers-Sister’s Stuff

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Bus DriversUm, could these little bus candy bars be any cuter?  I’m seriously impressed.  We “Wheelie” Appreciate You!– Like a Pretty Petunia

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Bus DriversNot only is there a cute kid in this picture, but how clever is this gift idea?  Gourmet sausage wrapped up to look like a bus.  And you know I love a good pun!  We’ve never “Sau-sage” a Great Bus Driver– Michelle Paige

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Bus DriversDarcie created this clever gift with a tumbler and gift card.  I love it, and I think any driver would too!  A Smoothie Ride– Such the Spot

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Bus DriversAnd last is this great idea which could also work for croswalking guards if you were so inclined. Either way, I think it’s great!  Stop to Say Thanks– Finding Pins and Needles

I like how all of these gifts can be done fairly easy and inexpensively. I know that the gift list can seem like it is starting to add up sometimes but it really isn’t about the “thing” you are giving.  It is more just taking time to say a genuine thank you to someone who makes a difference in your (or your child’s) life.  Having a cute goody to go along with it is the cherry on top!

So there you go Elizabeth (and everyone else) I hope this helps you!  And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny weekend and hopefully a finished project to show you next week!

It’s a Nutty Time of Year {Gift Idea}

I’m back with one more gift idea for the end of the school year.  As this time approaches students (and teachers and parents) can start going a little stir crazy waiting for summer to officially arrive.  So a gift that is a little “nutty” is a fun way to say thanks!

It's a Nutty Time of Year Gift Idea with free printable tagThis is an easy gift to put together because you can put just about anything with nuts in it.  I put in some chocolate covered macadamia nuts, some peanut butter M&M’s, and an Almond Joy.  And then I took the picture, opened the goody bag, and ate about half of it.  That’s what happens when I stage a picture and then don’t actually have anyone to give the gift to.   The things I do for my readers.  :)

And here is a little tag to go along with it!

Download the PDF

It's a Nutty Time of Year Free Printable Gift Tag

Teachers Need Hugs Too! (Gift Idea)

May is here, May is here!  Summer is almost upon us!  And that means the end of the school year is approaching and it is time to start thinking of a way to thank your child’s teacher for the many hours they have spent teaching, encouraging, and inspiring your child.

This idea is quick and easy to put together, and perfect if you have several teachers you would like to thank.  (Meaning it is budget friendly!)  All you need is an apple, Hershey’s Hugs, and a cellophane gift bag.  If you’d like you can throw in a gift card to add a little extra.  Assemble, and you are all set!

Teachers Need Hugs Too Gift Tag- free printable for the end of the School Year

“A Teacher can’t live off apples alone, they need hugs too!”  This is a simple, cute, and a small way to show your appreciation!

Teachers Need Hugs Too Gift Tag- free printable for the end of the school year

Download the PDF

Teachers Need Hugs Too Gift Tag- free printable for the end of the school year

Five Back to School Gift Ideas in a Jar

So I have this weird obsession with school supplies.  Like I get giddy looking at paper and pencils, and don’t even get me started on folders and planners. You better believe I was the second grader rocking the whole Lisa Frank set.  And now all the stores rolling out the back to school displays has me in one happy mood and wanting to buy all these supplies that I don’t need.   But come on, the folders and binders and notebooks all coordinate!  Who can resist?!

So while I go stock up on unnecessary post-its and page dividers you may be thinking of another back to school item- teacher gifts.  Some people may feel that teacher gifts are kind of over the top but I think when you consider everything a teacher does for your child then giving a small gift at the beginning of the year is the very least you could do.  And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… the gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just the simple act of showing someone you care is enough.

5 Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

With that in mind here are five candy gift ideas that can be put in a jar and printable tags to match. Decorate the tops with some cute ribbon or paper and you’re all set!

One of my favorite candies is Smarties.  And they’re a classic candy for back to school.

5 Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

Can’t decide which candy to use?  With this jar you can use anything that is colorful!  Skittles, jelly beans, mike & ikes… you decide!

5 Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

Swedish Fish?  Or maybe even Goldfish?  This jar is taken to an extra level of cuteness with a straw and paper clip fishing rod.  And to create the look of water crumple up some saran wrap inside.


5 Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

What teacher doesn’t want to be the cool teacher?  Let them know you think they rock with some Pop Rocks!

5 Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

And finally some lemon heads make a cheery gift that looks pretty and tastes yummy all at once!

5 Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

And now for the tags!  Each of these tags is 2.5 inches which makes them perfect for cutting out and using as a mason jar lid topper.  Or you can just hole punch the top and tie them onto the jar using some ribbon.  Easy peasy.

Download the PDF:

Smartie Tags     Color Our World Tags     Fish Tags

Lemon Tags      Pop Rock Tags

Free Printable Gift Tags for Back to School

Lollipop Bouquet with Printable Tag

Lollipop flowers are a sweet twist on a traditional bouquet and they are really easy to make.  With Mother’s Day just ahead and the end of the school year approaching I thought I’d share a quick tutorial on how to put one together, along with sharing some printable tags to make your bouquet complete.

Lollipop Bouquet for Mother's Day with Free Printable Tag

The supplies you need:

– Lollipops (small ones work a little better)

– Plastic Wrap

– Ribbon

– Silk Leaves

– Paper

– Glue

– Container (flower pot, bucket, etc.

– Styrofoam to fit in the container

Once you have all of your supplies gathered there are only a few simple steps to making your bouquet.

Lollipop Bouquet for Mother's Day with Free Printable TagMy Cricut cuts out the flowers with a hole inside them already, but a hole punch would work just as well.  I also inked the edges of the flower petals with an ink pad just to give it a little more detail.  Once you have your lollipop flowers created insert the sticks into the Styrofoam and place in your container.

Lollipop Bouquet for Mother's Day with Free Printable Tag

If you have extra lollipops you can stick them around the bottom and fill in any little holes.

The colors are completely customizable too.  I think these would be adorable centerpieces for a party and then everyone could take home a lollipop flower as a party favor!  Lots of possibilities.

I also have two tags created, one for Mother’s Day and one for a teacher appreciation.

Download the PDF- Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flower Gift TagDownload the PDF- Teacher Gift

Teacher Flower Gift Tag

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