Organization Tips for the New School Year

8 Organization Tips for the New School YearThere are certain times that just beg for some organizing and cleaning up of clutter around the house. The New Year, spring cleaning, and back to school are perfect times to get some order going! I’ve rounded up some great ideas that are not only practical for the new school year, but are sure to keep you organized in all areas of your life!

Organization Tips for the New School YearI think I NEED something just like this wall file folder to keep our paper clutter organized. Right now we have a tray on our entry table that works well, but I love the neat and clear way everything is categorized. See more at Simple Stylings.

Organization Tips for the New School YearI love the idea of having a cute basket to keep the library books separate from our books. Any basket will do the trick, but Blue I Style has a great tutorial on how she made this leather and wire basket.

Organization Tips for the New School YearCan I use this next idea from Here Comes the Sun for myself, as well as for my kids? This will solve so many problems in the morning when I’m getting dressed! And my 4 year old, who loves to do everything “by myself!” will most definitely approve.

Organization Tips for the New School YearKids bring home lots of artwork and papers throughout the school year, these School File Boxes from Simple as That are perfect for keeping the most precious of memories safe.

Organization Tips for the New School YearI would like someone to come and prepare all my meals just like Fabulessly Frugal has done for her family. I am currently accepting applications for the position of Meal Organizer in my household.

Organization Tips for the New School YearA backpack station like this one from Goodbye, House. Hello, Home. can help tame some of the mess and chaos on those busy school mornings!

Organization Tips for the New School YearTake note of this next project from A Bowl Full of Lemons. When it comes time to find supplies for homework or crafts keeping everything organized and together will help your kid’s creative minds flourish! These over the door holders are great for organizing everything from pens and pencils to cleaners and beauty products!

Wondering how to keep track of everyone’s schedules, to do lists, and the weekly menu plan? How about a dry erase calendar and menu planner to keep you organized?! You can place this calendar and menu planner in your favorite frames and write directly on the glass with dry erase markers. Then simply erase the markers off the glass to use the set again and again, month after month. Use different color markers for each member of the family to really stay on top of everything! I could not function without our calendar and I use it multiple times a day. It hangs on the wall with our menu planner right in the kitchen and serves as a great command center for all our comings and going!

I have several different styles of these calendars and menu planners in my Etsy shop and guess what…? I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY right now on Instagram for your choice of any Printed Calendar and Menu Planner set! Head over now and enter to win!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you have the most organized school year yet!


DIY Charging Station With An Old Bread Box

I am sure that most of you are like me in the fact that you have various cords and chargers around your house for your cell phones, ipads, kindles, camera battery, etc.  Lovely cords everywhere! Sitting on our counters or nightstand and hanging out on the end table by the couch. They add so much to the decor, right?  (*sarcasm.) Our “spot” for charging has always been a corner in our kitchen.  It keeps the devices handy and yet out of reach from little hands.  But it isn’t the most attractive.

Kitchen Counter with Cell PhonesTwo things really stand out to me in this picture. One, man do we need a backsplash!  I’d love to put in a pretty tile backsplace….and paint the cabinets….and add hardware….but ya know, $$$.  Second thing is that ugly tangle of electronics!  No one wants to be looking at that mess all day!  Our solution: A DIY Charging Station from an old breadbox!

DIY Charging Station from Yard Sale Breadbox

A few years ago I picked up an old breadbox for a couple of dollars at a yard sale.  It has been sitting in our garage (aka: my husband’s workshop) as a place to store his rags.  I could have sworn I took before pictures but now I can’t find them anywhere! So just picture a worn, unpainted breadbox full of greasy rags. Got that image in your head?  Good.

Our first step was to sand the down the breadbox really well and add in a shelf.  Then my husband cut a hole in the back of the box to allow for a power strip.  The power strip is simply attached with some hot glue.

Power strip in the bottom of a bread boxA  coat of white paint and a new handle really freshen up the whole piece and make it beautiful and functional!  It is the perfect place to store all our electronics when we aren’t using them, for me to charge my camera battery, and it hides all the mess.

DIY Charging Station from Yard Sale BreadboxDIY Charging Station from Yard Sale BreadboxI love projects like this that only take a couple of hours on a weekend, are easy on the budget, and yet really make my home a better place to be.  I think this could easily be replicated in lots of different ways as well!  It doesn’t have to be a breadbox.  If you have any sort of pretty container that you can cut a small hole in the back for a power strip than you can create your own diy charging station.  Be creative and think outside the (bread)box!

DIY Charging Station from Yard Sale Breadbox



Printable Monthly Budget Worksheets – Set of 12 Floral Worksheets

At the start of each year I like to buy a new planner.  In fact, I LOVE to buy a new planner.  Finding something that is cute and fun is incredibly helpful and motivating for me.  I have a pretty calendar and menu planner on my wall that I use daily.  When I am getting ready to tackle a big project I’ll print up a nice, colorful checklist that I can hang up. I do better and stay more focused when my tools are not only functional but also beautiful. It is just a quirk of my personality, but I like to surround myself with beautiful things, even when they seem like the most utilitarian objects. And I know I am far from the only one out there, otherwise we wouldn’t have colored duct tape and patterned toliet paper, am I right?  :)

So when it comes time to sit down and make a budget I like to look at a worksheet that is attractive. It makes the task of putting together a budget less intimidating and more enjoyable.  Figuring out how to make and stick to a budget can be a hard task, so the least we can do is have pretty worksheets to look at! I have created a new set of 12 Budget Worksheets, one for each month.  They are delightful and floral and all things lovely as well as incredibly useful!

January Budget WorksheetA Budget Worksheet on a deskThese worksheets come with spaces to track your monthly expenses, income, and compare the difference of your budgeted totals and actual totals spent.  With a new worksheet for each month you can easily track your finances for the entire year. And once you purchase the files you will own them and can print them over and over, year after year.

A June Budget Worksheet on a deskA November Budget Worksheet on a deskI know it is crazy to think about, but wedding season is going to be coming up on us soon. And lots of people give cash as gifts.  Wouldn’t this be fun and helpful to include in your cash gift as well? Or how about for your high school graduate that is soon going to be heading out on their own? A tool like this would absolutely come in handy for a person who is learning to manage their finances on their own for the first time.

4 Montly Budget Worksheets 4 Montly Budget Worksheets 4 Montly Budget WorksheetsThe best part of these worksheets (besides the pretty floral designs) is the price.  The entire 12 month set is only $7.99 and is available in my Etsy store.  That is about $0.67 a sheet!  And even less when you remember that you can print as many times as you’d like.  As we start the new year I hope you see the value in an item that can help you start the new year off financially smart and prepared.  And as always, thank you for the support you give my family through this blog!  You don’t know how much it means to me!

Budget Worksheets on an office desk




Calendar and Menu Planner Sets+Giveaway Time!!

There is something on our kitchen wall that I look at every single day.  And I’m not talking about the smeared macaroni courtesy of my two year old.  No, these are two items that I depend on to keep me sane and organized!  They are a must in my life.  One is our Monthly Calendar and the other is our Menu Planner. Each is kept in a frame and I use dry erase markers to write on the glass but you could also laminate them and use markers on them that way.

I keep track of each family members activities and appointments, work schedules, and a to do list on the calendar.  We are constantly stopping by it to double check dates and times and plan our week.  Every day my husband asks me, “What’s for dinner?”  And every day I am able to glance over at the Menu Planner, see what is for dinner, and then tell him to start cooking.  :)  Planning out our menu each week helps with our grocery budget and simplifies the shopping.  I can’t live without them!!!

For the last year or so I have been selling my Monthly Calendar in my Etsy Shop and it is easily my number one item.  I sell more of the Monthly Calendar then all the other items combined so I must not be the only one who loves them!  But up until now there has only been one style available of the Calendar and I haven’t had a coordinating Menu Planner.  Well that tragic mistake has been remedied!  I now have six different styles (with more on the way!), each set comes with a Monthly Calendar and Menu Planner, and today I am going to give away THREE full sets!  But first, let me show you the new designs!

This is the set I currently am using in my own home.  The soft white roses look great against the rustic, weathered wood.  (and yes, I know it isn’t currently November but I wanted to fill it out so you could see how much space there is to write and I picked a random month. :)

White Roses Calendar and Menu Planner Set

White Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetWhite Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetWhite Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetWhite Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetFor the next style I added in some color to the roses design with pretty pinks, soft greens, and light teals.  The wood is a little deeper and the overall look is pretty and fresh.

Pink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Pink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetPink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner Set Pink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetPink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetI also printed off this next set to use so I can switch out the white roses when I want a little change.  I love the simple, modern look and I can’t say no to anything with some gold.

Mint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Mint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner SetMint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner SetMint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner Set Mint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner SetBright and sunny more your style?  This set is cheerful and happy with yellows and blues plus lots of daisies.

Yellow and Blue Blooms Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Yellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner SetYellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner SetYellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner Set Yellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard is never going out of style right?  Can we all just agree on that right now?  Because I love me some chalkboard designs, and I always will.

Chalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Chalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetAnd lastly, the original design that now comes with a matching menu planner!  It will definitely bring some joy into your life!

Joy Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Joy Calendar and Menu Planner SetJoy Calendar and Menu Planner Set Joy Calendar and Menu Planner SetJoy Calendar and Menu Planner SetEach set is only $8.00 and you receive the files in high resolution JPEGs and PDFs.  I also love these items for more than just personal use.  I think they make GREAT gift ideas for so many occasions!  Bridal showers, weddings, teacher gifts, house warming, etc.  They are so useful and can be given for so many different occasions.  And the great thing about buying a digital file is you only have to buy it once, and then it is yours to print again and again, as many times as you need!  AWESOME, right?!

To celebrate the launch of these new items I’m going to host a giveaway on my Facebook page and give away THREE sets!  You can head on over to the page to enter and this weekend three people will randomly be chosen to pick any set they like!    Good luck and happy organizing!!!

Seasonal Dry Erase Calendars- Set of Four!

When I created my DIY Dry Erase Calendar I had no idea that so may people would ask for the template to use in their home and when I added it to my Etsy Shop I had no idea it would soon become the most popular and best selling item.  It shouldn’t surprise me though, I use my calendar  Multiple times a day actually.  It has become one of the most helpful items for keeping our family organized.

DIY Dry Erase CalendarSince I look at the calendar so often I decided it was time to do a little update and provide some additional options for myself and for you!  I created a Set of Four Seasonal Calendars so you can easily change them out every few months for a fun, fresh new look.

Seasonal Calendar Set Etsy ListingI’ve listed these calendars in my Etsy shop and they are sized to be 16×20 and come in JPEG and PDF files.  You can either laminate the calendar or place in a frame and use a dry erase marker allowing you to use the calendars over and over again.  For easy storage keep all four calendars in the same frame and just rotate through as the seasons change.

This can also make a great bridal shower gift, wedding gift, or house warming gift!  And don’t forget, once you purchase the files you can print them as many times as you’d like.  That could take care of a lot of wedding gifts.  :)

The original calendar sells in my store for $5.00 but this set of four is only $10!  (Time for some cheesy infomercial lines…) But wait!  There’s more!  From now until the end of the month use the coupon code CALENDAR2015 for 15% off your purchase.  Act now and we’ll throw in a full set of ShamWow towels!  You won’t find a better deal out there so don’t delay!

Okay, so the part about the ShamWow towels isn’t true.  Which is  shame I know because we all need more of this in our lives:

amd-shamwow-jpgWhat is true is the 15% off coupon code and the set of four cute calendars.  Here is a look at each individual calendar:

Seasonal Calendar Etsy Listing Summer Seasonal Calendar Etsy Listing Spring Seasonal Calendar Etsy Listing Fall Seasonal Calendar Etsy Listing Winter

The code does expire at the end of the month so head on over the the shop if you’d like to pick up a set!  And the next time you need a good laugh go watch the ShamWow or Slap Chop commercials on YouTube.  You won’t be sorry.



10 Printables to Get You Organized for the New Year

Happy New Year!  We’re starting 2014 by getting ready to hunker down and stay warm during a big winter storm heading our way.  We’re supposed to get so much snow that my husband’s work decided to close today and tomorrow so he gets a nice extra long break with us!  Yay!  I think some movies and blankets on the couch are definitely in our future.  I’m also taking advantage of him being home to get a little bit of new year organizing done.  I’ve already sorted through our daughter’s toys and clothes and pulled out the next size.  There is just something about the new year and a fresh, new start that always motivates me to get even more organized.  I love the clean, simple look of our house after all the Christmas decorations come down and I’m ready to get the same look/feel in my life too!  If you are looking for a little help to get your 2014 in shape then I’ve rounded up 10 of my printables that will help you on your way!

10 Printables To Get You Organzied in the New Year

#1Deep Cleaning Checklists

To start with how about giving your house a good cleaning?  I put together a week by week checklist that will have your home deep cleaned within one month.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

#2- Children’s Clothing Labels

Time to sort through the piles of clothes in your kiddo’s room!

Little Boy Clothing Labels Free Printable Little Girl Clothing Labels Free Printable

#3- Workout Tracker

Getting in shape is usually the #1 goal set in the new year.  This time, maybe you’ll actually keep your resolution to exercise more with a cute calendar helping you out!

Free Printable Workout Tracker

#4- Babysitter Contact & Info Sheet

When you leave your children behind with the babysitter you want to know that you have taken care of everything you can.  Providing the babysitter with a detailed note will give both of you peace of mind.

Free Printable Notes for the Babysitter

These next printables are all items in my Etsy Shop and to celebrate the New Year I have a coupon that is good for the entire month of January.  Use the code NEWYEAR14 and receive 10% off of your entire purchase!

#5- Budget Worksheets

No better time than the beginning of the year to get your budget in order.  These worksheets will help you track your income and expenses so you can make wiser financial decisions.

Instant Download Budget Worksheets

#6- Special Date Calendars

These calendars coordinate with the budget worksheets so while you are keeping track of your money you can also keep track of all the special days ahead.  Never miss another birthday or anniversary again!

Special Date Calendars Instant Download

#7- Customized Chore Charts – Boy (6 designs available)

       Customized Chore Charts – Girl (8 designs available)

Who says getting organized is only for mom?  Fun designs will have your little ones excited (hopefully!) about their chores as well.

Girl Chore Chart Boy Chore Chart

#8- What’s For Dinner Restaurant Organizer

Take charge of the mess of take out menus, coupons, and misc. recipes with this binder system and make dinner easier!

What's for dinner kit

#9- Weekly Menu Planner- Set of 4

        Weekly Menu Planner- Single Design

This is one of my personal favorite tools that I have in my home.  Meal planning has saved me a ton of money, time, and stress.  Let it work for you too.

Menu Planner Instant Download

#10- Pantry Labels (6 designs available)

Not only do these labels look cute but they’ll add lots of order to your pantry.


I hope some of these help you in making 2014 one of the best years yet!  And if there is anything you’d like to see designed please let me know!  I love hearing your suggestions!

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