Extra Love Notes Updated!

Every once in awhile I like to go through some of my old posts and update the printables.  I’ve been at this blog for over a year and even though I still have lots to learn my design skills have improved since the beginning.  So I’ve recently updated the printable notes that when added to a package of Extra gum make such an easy and quick way to brighten someone’s day!  It is a fun “just because” gift that will make them smile!

Download the PDF- Love Notes   Download the PDF- Kids Notes

Extra Love Notes- a free printable from Darling Doodles Extra Notes for Kids- a free printable from Darling DoodlesAs with the first draft there are two sets- one geared more towards your significant other and one aimed at kids.  But you can mix and match some from each set if you’d like even more.  All you have to do is place the notes onto the package of gum and leave it somewhere for them to find.  On the seat of their car, in their lunch box, underneath their pillow, in the sock drawer, etc.  Just imagine their smile when they find a little something letting them know you were thinking about them!  I’ve found that the saying, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted,” is so true!  Doing something simple but sweet for your loved one will really make them feel appreciated.


St. Patricks Day Lunch Box Notes

Your kid will be the luckiest little leprechaun in school when they see these notes in their lunch box!  The other kids will be green with envy!


Valentines Lunch Box Notes

Spread the Love!  These lunch box notes are perfect for the little Valentines in your life.

And don’t let them tell you these are too “mushy” or “cheesy.”  Secretly they love them.  Those are eye-rolls of joy.


Drink up!

I got such a fantastic response from people after posting my Soda Love Notes.  I LOVE reading about the many ways people are using the printables to spread some smiles.  From teacher gifts, to place settings at Thanksgiving, someone even used them to ask their date to winter formal.  You all are so creative!
But I also got a few emails from people who don’t drink soda but love the idea of the notes.  Well don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you!

I’d love to hear if, and how, you use these tags too!

Download the PDF


Thanksgiving Lunch Box Notes

Let the little turkeys in your life know that you are thankful for them with these Thanksgiving themed lunch box notes.

Put some “Pop” into your love life!

I love fun little love notes.  They are some of my favorite things to make and share.  And one of my favorite things to do for my husband.   It is, once again, another example of how something so small and easy can completely turn a regular day into a fantastic day.

For us soda is a treat.  We either get it when one of us has had a bad day and needs a little pick me up or if we are going out to eat and celebrating.  So I know when my husband comes home and finds a soda with a little note, he will be pretty excited about his treat.

Put Some Pop Into Your Love lIfe- Free Printables! Put Some Pop Into Your Love lIfe- Free Printables!

Fun right?  Print your own soda pop tags below:

Download the PDF

Put Some Pop In Your Love Life

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