Valentine’s Display and Decor

You all know I love a good project and enjoy doing all sorts of fun crafts for the holidays.  But it is also kind of nice when I go to decorate and find that I don’t need to do any crafting because I have enough decor to put together a look already!  That is what happened with my Valentine’s display.  I picked up a few things at Hobby Lobby because they were cute and when I came home to put it all together I found I had plenty to decorate my piano.  I wish I could say that the time I would have spent crafting was able to be turned into time reading a book on the couch but let’s be honest.  I have two busy, little kids.  I don’t know when the last time I opened a book was.  More likely I took that extra bit of time and used it to scrape dried baby food off of our kitchen table and chairs.  Such a glamorous life I lead.  :)

Red and White Valentine's Display and Decor

I don’t expect anyone to really remember this, but if you pay extreme attention to detail you would notice that the floral arrangement in the vase is the same one I used at Christmas, just with the gray berries removed.  Super easy!


The cute heart banner came from Hobby Lobby, as did the red bottles and the tall red candle.  The bottles and the candle were in the Christmas clearance section for 80% off so you better believe I snagged those right up.  I’ll definitely be able to use them for more than just this holiday.

Red and White Valentine's Display and Decor

I love this little red heart plate I found a couple of years ago at a thrift store.  It was so cute that I couldn’t resist.  Everything else I already had around my house.


And a big thank you to Yellow Bliss Road for the adorable print.  It is perfect and she offers it for free in several sizes!

Red and White Valentine's Display and DecorHope you enjoyed this peek at my Valentine’s Day decor!  I’d love to see yours so free feel to send me an email.  Reading messages from my followers is one of my favorite things!

Red and White Valentine's Display and Decor

Christmas Decorating & Free Printable

This holiday season will be known as the Great Decoration De-Cluttering of 2015.  When it came time to decorate for Christmas I sat down in my living room with my boxes of decor around me and made three piles: one to donate, one to throw away, and one to keep.  I went through with a pretty detailed eye and if it was worn, faded, falling apart, or a style that I no longer liked then away it went.  And at the end I was really surprised at how small the keep pile was.  I definitely got rid of a lot more than I had planned on but I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to any of it.  This will be our 10th Christmas together so it makes sense that some of the decor needs to be updated.  And since I had such a small keep pile I basically got to start from scratch.   So of course off to Pinterest I went for some inspiration!  It may seem weird but I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for when I saw this picture of blankets.

Christmas Decoration InspirationThe words that came to my mind right away were cozy, winter, snow, and holidays.  I loved the colors and the textures in the plaid and different fabrics.  I had found my new Christmas decorating theme!  The only problem is my budget doesn’t really allow for me to go out and buy a houseful of new decor.  :)  So I’m starting small.  I bought a few new simple things and just decorated a couple of small spots in my house.  I plan on hitting the after Christmas sales and slowly but surely rebuilding my stock.  One area that I decorated is our entry way table with a print I designed inspired by the blanket picture.

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling Doodles

The berries in the white vase all came from the Dollar Tree and you might recognize the fluffy white and red Christmas trees from this post.  And the snowflake vases are from Walmart and the frame and lantern I already had.  That pretty much consists of my decoration shopping this year.  I told you I was starting small.  :)

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling Doodles

And of course here is the print!  Feel free to download it and use it in our own home if you like.  I had mine printed up at Costco at 8×10.

Free North Pole Sleigh Company Printable from Darling Doodles Free North Pole Sleigh Company Printable from Darling DoodlesDownload the PDF

North Pole Sleigh CompanyI shared this picture of our tree on my Instagram account a couple of nights ago.  One of my very favorite things about this season is the warm glow from a Christmas tree.

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling DoodlesThe other part of our house that is decorated is the most important part.  On top of our piano we have our beautiful nativity my parents gave us when we were first married.  I love this set so much.

Christmas Decorating with Darling DoodlesAnd next to the piano is our collection of small nativities that we add to every year.

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling Doodles

In a way I am really liking the simplicity of the decor with the main focus being on our nativities and thus on Christ’s birth.  Which is exactly how it should be.

White and Gold Thanksgiving Display

Has everyone recovered from their Halloween festivities?  This was the first year we actually took our daughter trick or treating and once she figured out what was going on she was all about the candy.  “What?!?  People give me candy if I’m cute?  I so got this.”  It was a lot of fun and I must say, my kids make the cutest little Mouseketeers ever.

White and Gold Thanksgiving Fall Display with Free PrintableConfession time though.  When we got home we put our daughter’s candy in a “special cupboard” so she could save it for later, and the next day she never asked about it.  And she hasn’t mentioned it since.  So it is still sitting in the cupboard and I’ve slowly been stealing a little piece at a time.  That’s what parents do though, right?  I’m pretty sure there is an official Candy Tax all parents are owed.  :)

Now that we are in November it seems like Christmas everything is popping up every which way I look.  And while I love that, because I LOVE Christmas, I also want to make sure Thanksgiving gets it’s time too.  Because I love a holiday that is focused on family, gratitude, giving, and good food.  So while it may seem like a short month between now and putting up the Christmas decorations I didn’t want to skip on my Thanksgiving/Fall display.  I put together a pretty white and gold vignette and the soft sparkle and glow makes me smile every time I walk by.

White and Gold Thanksgiving Fall Display with Free PrintableI wish I had remembered to take a before picture of this cornucopia and the pumpkins inside but the sugar high from eating my daughter’s Halloween candy must be messing with my mind because I completely forgot.  I’ve had the cornucopia for years and it was definitely showing it’s age.  Wicker and a very unattractive brown color…it had seen better days.  But a fresh coat of white paint brought new life into it.  And the little pumpkins inside are cheap little things from the dollar store that I spray painted gold.

White and Gold Thanksgiving Fall Display with Free PrintableI picked up the tall gold goblets at TJ Maxx, and then everything else I already had around the house.  I do what I always do when putting together these holiday displays and shop my own house first.  I’ll walk through each room and look around to see what I can find that matches my theme.    And of course I usually create a new print for each holiday.

White and Gold Thanksgiving Fall Display with Free PrintableI’m sharing my print with you so you can use it in your own home if you’d like!

Download the PDF

With a Grateful Heart Thanksgiving PrintableAll together I love the way this vignette looks.  It turned out so pretty and was quick and easy to put together.  It really does make me smile when I walk in the front door and see it welcoming me into my home.

White and Gold Thanksgiving Fall Display with Free PrintableWhite and Gold Thanksgiving Fall Display with Free Printable

Printable Harry Potter Potion Labels

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’m a big time Harry Potter nerd.  My love for Harry Potter is right up there with my love of all things Jane Austen and Disney.  So when I decorate for Halloween I can’t help but sneak a little bit of ol’ HP in there.

When I found some cute little bottles at Michaels I knew they would be perfect for some mini potion bottles.  I gathered my supplies and got my crafting on.

Printable Harry Potter Potion LabelsI used Mod Podge on the back of the labels to wrap them around and glue them to the bottle.

Printable Harry Potter Potion LabelsI was worried that the Mod Podge would make the ink smear on the front so I opted to use a spray on lacquer for a top coat.  And if after spraying the lacquer on some person had accidentally left the bottles on a table to dry in the backyard while the sprinklers came on, then that person could attest to the fact that the lacquer works well and protects the paper from water.  If that had happened.  I’m not saying it did, but…it might have.

Printable Harry Potter Potion LabelsAnd there you have it!  Mini potion bottles perfect for the Harry Potter fan, or just anyone looking to add a little something extra to their Halloween decor.

Printable Harry Potter Potion Labels Printable Harry Potter Potion Labels Printable Harry Potter Potion LabelsI created the labels in black and white and a sepia tone so you can have your choice!

Download the PDF- Black and White

Download the PDF- Sepia

Harry Potter Potion LabelsHarry Potter Potion Labels Sepia

Halloween Decor & Easy Ribbon Banner

One thing I have really missed sharing the last few months is my different holiday displays.  In our old apartment I had a shelf in our living room that I changed out with each holiday and/or season.  It was the perfect set up, it hung right by the front door so everyone could see it and it added just enough holiday flare to the room without having to go overboard on the decorations every other month.

When we moved I finally had space in my home for one piece of furniture that I had been wanting forever… a piano!  My grandmother left me her piano but I have never had a place to put it before.  I am so happy to finally have it in my home and for the chance I get to sit and play every so often.  It has also provided the perfect new spot for my holiday set ups.  It is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.

_DSC0754Things are looking spooky and SPARKLY around here.  Just because Halloween is all about scary ghosts and things like death doesn’t mean your decorations can’t be fabulous, right? Or would that be fa-boo-lous?  :) I tempered the bright orange, green, and purple by mixing in a lot of white pieces.  You might also notice the DIY Spooky Candles hiding in the back.

Spooky and Sparkly Halloween DecorationsSpooky and Sparkly Halloween DecorationsI created the ribbon banner hanging over my window frame and it was such an easy craft!  And totally changeable for any holiday or color scheme.  I started by gathering a bunch of fabric scraps, ribbons, and raiding the left over bins at the fabric store.

_DSC0069Using a fabric cutter I cut out strips 1 inch wide and 7 inches long.  This was probably the most tedious part because I cut out a lot of fabric strips.  And if you want a really long banner you’ll need A LOT of pieces.  You can also cut your pieces a little wider so they’ll take up more space along the banner.

_DSC0177Then the easy part, tying the pieces onto another ribbon or some twine.  I taped one end of a piece of twine onto my coffee table and then just randomly tied the strips along it.

_DSC0209And kept going until the banner was full with lots of colors.  If you have lots of fabric scraps this is an easy way to use them up!  I found the little web and spider at the Dollar Tree and hung it from the center of the banner.  Honestly, lots of the decor came from the Dollar Tree.  The purple flowers, the green sign, the glittery pumpkins, all $1!  Can’t beat it!

Easy Ribbon Banner TutorialEasy Ribbon Banner Tutorial and Halloween Decorations


And now in totally unrelated news, I have FINALLY started an Instragram for Darling Doodles.  I’ve had a personal one for years but I’ve always kept it private.  So now I have a separate account set up to share behind the scenes, glimpses into my home and life, and there will probably a picture or two of some very cute kiddos.  I would love if you would hop on over and follow me @darlingdoodlesdesign.  Another reason you might want to follow?  Later this week I’ll be doing a giveaway on Instagram and let’s just say there is chocolate involved.  And it is good.

Fourth of July Holiday Shelf

I’m so excited for my favorite holiday (it’s tied with Christmas) and can’t wait to see all the red, white, and blue popping up everywhere.  I love Independence Day!  Give me parades, fireworks, and goosebumps during our national anthem and I am one happy girl.  I’m getting in the patriotic spirit around our house by changing out my holiday shelf to reflect my American pride.

_DSC0584It’s a pretty simple array of some old books, candles wrapped in twine, a lantern, and two mason jar flower arrangements.   I happened to have a red “S” for our last name and it works on the shelf, but I’d really love to find a “U” and an “A” to add as well.  I also used the banner that was already hanging up from my Nautical Summer Shelf, and just changed out the teal colors for red and white.


The flower arrangements were really easy to make.  I found a package of 3 flags for $1 at the dollar spot in Target and the white flowers are from the Dollar Tree.  They look perfect in a mason jar with some brown paper shred.

_DSC0591I created two prints to put in the frames underneath but alas, my printer ran out of ink just when I went to print them out!  I had some cute scrapbook paper on hand though and it works just great.  But thanks to the magic of Photoshop here is how it would have looked:

_DSC0603And just because my printer ran out of ink doesn’t mean you can’t use the prints!

Download the PDF

Printable Patriotic Subway Art

Hope these help you get in the independence day spirit!