Spring & Easter Holiday Shelf….Finally!

A couple of weeks ago reader Mary left me a comment letting me know that she missed my holiday shelf posts and well now Mary, this post is for you!!  I really appreciate when people leave feedback like that because sometimes as a blogger I don’t really know which posts people like over others.  So thank you Mary!

It is true that I have been slacking in the holiday shelf department.  My home has been sadly holiday-decorating-less for the last several months.  For some reason I am just feeling extra busy lately (may have something to do with a crawling 10 month old who is into everything and doesn’t like to nap) and so I set up my shelf to be neutral and haven’t touched it in months.  Here is how it has been looking:

Spring & Easter Holiday Decorating IdeasA simple paper banner, some flowers in a milk bottle, lantern, bird, little box…nice and neutral items that blend in with my every day decor.  The best part though were these fun little prints I made for the frames underneath.  Oh Boston, Mass…you have my heart.

Spring & Easter Holiday Decorating Ideas

I’ve been thinking of creating prints like this for different cities & states and adding them to my Etsy shop.  What do you all think?  Would anybody be interested in something like this?

After reading Mary’s comment I decided that she was right and that I could find 5 minutes in my day to change out this shelf.  And honestly, that is really about all it took.   I made a few quick changes and wham…the shelf is now ready for Easter!  Good thing, since it is only a couple of weeks away.

Spring & Easter Holiday Decorating IdeasTo make the easy switch I added a new paper banner (the same one I saved from last year), some pink flowers and a new ribbon around the milk bottle, a nest in front of the bird, some ceramic bunnies, a bright bottle in place of the lantern, and some white eggs in the box.

Spring & Easter Holiday Decorating Ideas

I also changed out the frames, using my Go Blooming Crazy Print in one and then I quickly changed the text in the other to make it say Spring has Sprung.

So there you go, it is possible to decorate your home for a holiday in just a few minutes, I’m living proof!  I’ll try to remember this when Easter is over and my shelf is just waiting for a new look.  No promises though.  :)

And in not really related news, that 10 month old I was talking about?  She’s pretty much the most adorable thing in the world.   I appreciate you sticking with me even though my blogging has slowed down a little.  But when you look at this face can you blame me for wanting to spend more time with her rather than on my computer?!

Savannah 10 Months Pics



A Wreath for All Holidays

I love seeing cute holiday wreaths greeting me whenever I walk up to a door.  There is something so cheerful and welcoming about them.  But I’ve never really had wreaths to hang on my own door, and the main reason was lack of storage.  Wreaths aren’t exactly the easiest things to store if you live in an apartment like I do with the world’s smallest closet.  *Note I said closet.  As in singular…one.  My life is hard people.  :)

But after seeing so many fun Valentine’s Day wreaths on Pinterest I decided to make one anyway.  And somewhere along the process I came up with an idea to make a wreath that could be used not only for Valentine’s Day, but for every holiday.  Let me show you what I mean.  I started with a Styrofoam wreath form, some yarn, lots of felt, hot glue, and baker’s twine.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysThe base of the wreath is covered in the grey/white yarn.  I wanted to make sure I chose a neutral color that would look good with any other color and the grey and white also adds enough interest that it isn’t boring.  Wrapping the wreath in yarn isn’t difficult, but it does take some time.  That’s what Netflix is for.  The ends are secured with some hot glue.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysNow to decorate the wreath I made different banners for different holidays that can easily be removed and then reused.  I had planned on cutting out shapes in felt for each one, but then I found some of these packages at Michaels.  Most of the work done for me?  Yes please!  I only found some for Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day, so I cut out some felt flags for the Easter/Spring version.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysUsing a small hole punch, I put two holes in the top of each little piece and strung them onto some baker’s twine.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidays Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysI learned that it is important to do two holes because otherwise the pieces won’t hang correctly.  They’ll turn to the side instead of facing the front.  I took a picture of the St. Patrick’s Day banner to show you what I mean. Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysThe circle on the left has two holes, the circle on the right has just one.

I made sure to leave plenty of string on the ends of each banner so that all I have to do is tie it around the wreath in a bow.   Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysThe wreath is hanging on my front door by some wire I also wrapped around it and to hide the wire I tied a ribbon around it that matched the banners.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysPretty cute wreath, right?  And so easy to change for each holiday!  All I have to do is untie the baker’s twine and the ribbon at the top, and then add the next holiday’s banner and bow.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysHere’s the one for Easter and/or Spring.  The flower bunch on the side is also tied on with twine.  I hot glued some flowers to a piece of felt and then used the hole punch in that felt as well.  Easy peasy.

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidaysThese are the only banners I have made so far, but I have plans to keep making them for the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe just some general fall or summer ones too.  I’m so excited to finally have a cute wreath on my door to welcome anyone who stops by!

Creating one wreath that can easily be used for all holidays


DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets- For Him!

If you ask me, I think we gals have the market cornered on Valentine’s Day gifts.  Flowers, sparkly jewelry, chocolates, lovey-dovey notes, cutesy stuffed animals, and dressing fancy (meaning uncomfortable) to eat at fancy (meaning expensive) restaurants.  Not a whole lot of fun for the man in your life!  So I’ve put together a list of 10 gift basket ideas that your fella might actually enjoy receiving this holiday.  Some of these ideas were originally shared as Father Day/Anniversary/etc. gifts but with just a little tweaking they’ll be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Rootbeer & BBQ Gift Basket- Meat, sauces, & soda?  Nothing wrong with that!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Sock it to Him Gift Basket- Is your man always on his feet?  Give them some rest.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Sweet Candy Gift Basket- Sweets for your sweetie.  Awww.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Couch Potato Gift Basket- what man doesn’t want to be given permission to be a couch potato for the day?!


Manly Money Gift Basket- tasty snacks and cash….yes please!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

A Scent-sible Gift Basket- Okay, this one may be a little for you too.  A man who smells good is the best!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Suite Retreat Gift Basket- woot woot.  This one gets romantic!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Football Gift Basket- Football season will be over by the time we hit Valentine’s Day, so consider changing this one to basketball or baseball, or just their favorite sports team.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Baskets- for him

Hopefully these have helped spark some ideas for the guy in your life!  If all else fails you can always just be waiting holding a steak in one hand and ice cream in the other.  Pretty sure that would do the trick too.


Here’s What The Fox Says…

In the age of viral videos and ridiculously annoying but somehow still catchy-can’t-get-out-of-your-head-songs “What Does the Fox Say?” may be the top one yet.  I bet the guys who put it together, intending it to be a joke, had no idea it was going to be such a huge hit.  I mean, come on…the song is now a children’s book!  Who saw that one coming?  Well I somehow stumbled across the answer to what a fox says…it says “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

What Does the Fox Say Printable Valentines- Two DesignsI have lots of friends who kids are obsessed with the song so I thought they might get a kick out of some foxy valentine’s to hand out to their buddies.  There are two different designs in the PDF download, just print the ones you need!

Download the PDF


What Does the Fox Say Printable Valentines- Two Designs

Now you’ll have the song stuck in your head all day long.  You’re welcome.


Printable Valentine Treat Bags

Posting was a little light last week as we battled some massive illnesses in our house.   It may have just been a cold, but probably the meanest monster of a cold I’ve experienced in a long time.  My role as mom and wife was really called into question.  :)  Thankfully we all seem to be on the mend and hopefully I’ll be able to put together some fun projects!

Since Valentine’s Day is only a month away I thought I’d better start sharing some cutesy-lovey printables.  So today I have a set of three printable Valentine bags perfect for sharing a little treat.


These little bags are easy and quick to put together.  Once you have the template printed, cut out the design.

Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!And then its just a matter of folding the different tabs in.  Start with the bottom tabs and then the sides.

Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!! Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!! Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!You’ll need to make a second fold in the middle of each side, and fold inward.  It will look like a lunch sack.

 Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!Using double sided tape or glue, begin gluing the tabs together.  It is sort of hard to describe using just pictures, but once you have the bag in your hand it is really simple, trust me.  You can see in the image above how the small tab along the top edge is getting glued to the inside of the folded side.  Did that make sense at all?  Maybe I’m still on too much cold medicine.  :)

The bottom tabs fold in like a box and are secured with pieces of double sided tape as well.

_DSC2523 Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!

And ta-da!  You’re finished and ready to fill with the yummy treat of your choice.

Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!! Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!Or for a non-candy alternative you could put some stickers, bubbles, crayons, etc. inside.  Whatever floats your boat.

Download the PDF- Set of 3


Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!! Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!! Set of 3 Valentine Treat Bags- Free Printable!!


New Year Celebration Printables

I hope that everyone had a very lovely Christmas!  Ours was spent with family and friends, playing games, eating yummy food, cuddling during movies, and just enjoying this wonderful time of year!  I can’t believe the Christmas season is already over and that in just a few days we are going to be moving into a new year.  2013 was so incredibly full and life-changing for me, that I can’t even begin to imagine what 2014 will bring.  How will you be ringing in the New Year?  Big blow out party or in bed by 9:00?  I’m not too sure what we’ll be doing, but with a 7 month old at home I imagine ours will be pretty quiet.  :)

If you’re looking for some last minute ideas to for your New Year celebration, whether it be a party with lots of people or just quiet at home with your family, then these will work for you!  I started with the sparkling cider toppers I made last year, which when paired with a bottle also make great hostess gifts to take when you’re invited to a party.

New Year Celebration Printables

Then I made some additional printables to coordinate with the toppers and now you have a whole set to help you celebrate!

New Year Celebration Printables

In the set you’ll find the cider toppers, as well as a decorative print…

Cheers to a New Year

some party circles/cupcake toppers…

New Year Party Circlesand these resolution/goal sheets to help you think about the year ahead and what you’d like to accomplish.

2014 New Year Resolutions

You can download the whole set and use them all or just one!  Whatever you need to ring in 2014!