4th of July Mantel Decorations

Can I let you in on a little secret? I love Americana decor. I could quite happily decorate an entire room in Americana and leave it up all year round. There is something so homey and quaint about it! So when I found this beautiful framed print at a thrift store for $3.00 (yes, $3.00!!!) I had to have it! And it became the starting point for my 4th of July Mantel Decorations.

4th of July Mantel Decorations4th of July Mantel Decorations Isn’t it gorgeous?! I am so in love with it and I need to find a permant place for it in my home. For now though, it looks perfect hanging up above the piano with the rest of my patriotic decorations.

4th of July Mantel DecorationsI found the cute milk cans at IKEA and the burplap framed subway art at Michaels. The rest of the decor I already had around the house.

4th of July Mantel Decorations4th of July Mantel DecorationsI love decorating with vintage books too, I always have some on hand for decorating and heaven help me if I stumble across gorgeous books at yard sales or thrift stores. They must be mine!

4th of July Mantel DecorationsSo how long do you think I can get away with leaving the 4th of July Mantel Decorations up? At least through all of July, right?  :)

More 4th of July crafts are coming up next week, so be sure to check back!



Free Printable Valentine’s Day Bingo Game

The other day we were walking around the store and my little girl saw the holiday aisles with all the Valentine’s Day displays. Her eyes were so big as she gazed around and whispered, “Mom, this is amazing!” There were stuffed animals, flowers, candy, glitter, and most important of all SO MUCH PINK! What more could a three year old want?

I was trying to think of something that would be fun to use with all of that colorful and yummy candy and I came up with a Valentine’s Day Bingo Game! I’ve created the set for you, all ready to go! All you have to do is provide the candy to use to mark off the squares.  Chocolate is recommended, but not necessary. But use chocolate. Life is better with chocolate in it.

To play this game simply click the link below and you can download the PDF files, which include four playing cards and the game squares. Print at home or any copy store (you can even laminate them if you’d like to reuse!) and cut out the game squares. Printing on cardstock will help make the cards more durable, which is key when playing with kids. Then just grab your candy and play! Tons of fun for kids and parents, and a great way to spend some time together.


I hope you enjoy these cards, and thank you for stopping by my blog!  I’d love it if you also hopped over to Instagram to follow along with me as I share more holiday ideas, home decor ideas, and behind the scenes pictures of our crazy and wonderful little life. And if you use these bingo cards, or ANY printable off this lil’ blog, use the hashtag #darlingdoodlesdesign so that I can be sure to see your creativity in action!



Printable Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Notes

When I first started this little blog years ago one of the first things I made were some lunchbox jokes and notes for each holiday.  Since that was so long ago I thought it would be really fun to create some new notes in all new designs! These are such simple little notes to slip into your child’s lunch, you will be on your way to “Mom of the Year” in no time!  And with very little effort.  :)

Valentine's cards on wood backgroundAren’t these little woodland creatures just adorable?  They make me smile.  They’re sure to put a smile on your child’s face as well.

Valentine's Day Cards on Wood BackgroundValentines Day notesI will probably be using these for my daughter’s preschool as well, I’ll just attach them to a small piece of chocolate and we will be good to go! Perfect valentine’s for all her little friends.

Valentines Day Cards on Wood BackgroundThis is a free printable so all you have to do is download, print, and cut! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD THE PDF: Valentines Lunch Box Notes



Valentine’s Day Decor with FREE Printable Banner!

Would you all believe me if I told you that Valentine’s Day was less than a month away?  Isn’t that crazy!  I always feel kind of silly busting out the Valentine’s Day decor and crafts in the middle of January (it feels too soon after Christmas) but if we wait until February we’ll practically miss the holiday! I have lots of fun posts planned for the next couple of weeks all centered around this day of love! To start with I am setting the tone in my own home with a pretty pink and teal Valentines display, highlighted by a few glints of gold.

Valentines DecorI like that these aren’t the traditional Valentines colors but they still give a sweet and romantic feel. The addition of little hearts sprinkled throughout and the word love bring it all together.

I found this gorgeous gold tray at a thrift store, score!!!  It is really, really heavy and I love the texture it has.  I think I will be using this one in several displays as a fantastic background piece.  I love finding items like this that can be used over and over for many different holidays.  Versatile pieces help cut down on all the decor I have to store as well!

Valentines Day DecorConfession:  I stole the “Do Small Things With Great Love” plaque off the bedroom wall of my three year old. When she came down the stairs and noticed it on the piano…let’s just say she wasn’t happy.  I guess there is one person in the house who isn’t a fan of my display.  :)

Valentines Day DecorThe dollar spot at Target is currently filled with items in these colors!  I went by there after I had already put up my display and it is a pretty good thing, otherwise I would have spent way too much money.  But I couldn’t resist making one purchase, this tiny little “love” piece.  And for only $3, I think it was a necessity.  :)

Valentines Day DecorI made the banner by creating the flowered pennants and using clothespins to hang them onto some twine along with pink heart doilies from the Dollar Tree.  I tied some lace and ribbon in between each pennant to give it even more flair and dimension.

Valentines Day Decor

And the best part is?  I’m sharing the pennant banner with you for free!  Simply download and print and you’ll have an easy and cute Valentine’s Day decoration ready to go!


Valentines Day DecorIf you use this banner in your own home (or any of my printables) I’d love to see!  Simply share it on Instagram and use the hashtag #darlingdoodlesdesign so we can see your displays!

Fourth of July Decor: From Sea to Shining Sea

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but the 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays.  I love everything about the day from the parades and fireworks to picnics and flags flying in the breeze. I love the feelings of pride, patriotism, gratitude, and love for our country that seem to fill the air.  And I love bringing a little bit of that feeling into my home by putting together a holiday display.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableI’ve had this display up in my home for a couple of weeks now and I have been meaning to post it before we get too close to the holiday but I’ve been so busy lately!  (Side note: thanks for all the custom orders, I have the BEST customers!)

The best part of this display is that I didn’t have to buy a single thing.  I raided my guest room for all the nautical elements and then stole the rest from other parts of the house.  The old books are my favorite, I’m a sucker for beautiful antique books.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableNautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableI made the banner using scrapbook paper and some thick, white twine.  Took me about two minutes which is about all the time I have to spare for crafting lately.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableReally, the only things that are actually 4th of July in this display are the flags and the print I made. Everything else is just blue and red or has that “Americana” type of feel.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printable_DSC1830

And of course, I’m sharing the Sea to Shining Sea print that I made!  Even if you don’t have any other nautical decorations I think this print will fit in beautifully to any patriotic display.



The 4th is only a week and a half away!  Get that decor up soon and show your patriotic spirit!


Pretty Pastel Easter Holiday Decor

Even though I think it is weird that Easter is in March (it seems like an April only holiday to me, I don’t know why) I was very excited to pull out my Easter decor.  I love the bright, fresh colors that are so cheery and pretty.  Every time I walk by my piano I smile a little bit because it just looks so happy.  Yay for spring!

Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter PrintsI picked up most of my Easter decor last year at either Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods and then all the flowers are from the Dollar Tree.  I made the banner by cutting pennants out of cardstock and taping them onto baker’s twine.  Easy peasy.  And mixed in are the various white vases or stands that I reuse over and over in each of my displays.

Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter PrintsPretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter PrintsThis pretty pink plate is an exception to last year’s shopping trip.  I’ve actually had it since high school.  I worked in a little boutique and they had these in a set of four.  My 16 year old self loved them and I bought them right away.  I regret many decisions made in high school (that one blind date that spent four hours talking about himself) but these plates are not one of them.  I still love them.

Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter Prints Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter Prints Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter PrintsI had a few more pieces but I was out of room on the piano so I added them to the entry table for an extra little bit of color and cheer and created a print to place in the white frame.

Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter PrintsOkay, I actually made two prints because I couldn’t decide on a design which means good news for you!  Two Easter prints for you to choose from!

Download the PDF

Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter PrintsOr if you’d like them in JPEG you can just click on the images below and save them to your computer!  I hope these help add some cheerful spring decor into your home!

Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter Prints Pretty Pastel Easter Decor and Two Free Easter Prints

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