DIY Wooden Holiday Signs

I just can’t seem to stop decorating for fall. I had my piano all set up and decorated which is usually enough but then I had to move into my family room and set up a little decorating there too. Call me fall-obsessed! I found some really pretty fall flowers at the Dollar Tree, you’d be surprised at their floral section if you haven’t checked it out already! And they inspired me to create a second vignette.

DIY Wooden Holiday SignsI love how it turned out! My favorite part is the Pumpkin Patch sign, which was so easy to make! I offer this print in my Etsy Shop in both a digital instant download and a printed and shipped physical item. The print is available in three different sizes: 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20. (I used the 11×14 size for my project) All you need to create your own board is the print, some paint, mod podge, and a board cut to size.

I decided to make several wooden signs at once since they are so quick and easy. Boards cut to size (did you know that Home Depot will cut boards for you if you don’t have a saw!?) and then I painted the edges. No need to paint the whole board, all you need to do is cover the edge of the wood!

DIY Wooden Holiday SignsDIY Wooden Holiday Signs

I used the same technique from my DIY Wall Art from Gift Bags and used Mod Podge with a rolling pin to glue the prints onto the board. The print goes right to the edge perfectly.
DIY Wooden Holiday Signs*Tip* If you would like to make multiple signs, you can put one print on the front of the board and one print on the back. With a fall print on front and a Christmas print on the back you only have to think about storing one board and when the seasons change just turn the board around!

DIY Wooden Holiday SignsI made four different signs (well, only two since they are on the front and back) and I am really happy with the finished product. I am going to enjoy using them in all my holiday decor!

DIY Wooden Holiday SignsDIY Wooden Holiday Signs DIY Wooden Holiday Signs DIY Wooden Holiday Signs

You can find any of these prints here:

Autumn Acres Pumpkin Patch: Instant Download or Physical Print

Poison Apple Apothecary: Instant Download or Physical Print

Kringle Farms Christmas Trees: Instant Download or Physical Print

Gingerbread Bakery: Instant Download or Physical Print

These are just some of the many Home Decor Prints I have in my store and I’m offering a special coupon code too! Buy any 3 Home Decor Prints and receive 20% off with the coupon code 3DECORPRINTS. And when you decorate with your prints don’t forget to tag me on social media! I’d love to see your creations!

DIY Wooden Holiday Signs

Easy and Cute Stocking Stuffer Idea and Printable Christmas Gift Tag for Candy Canes

My three-year old daughter’s preschool Christmas party is coming up next week and in the season when budgets and time are already stretched thin I have been trying to think of a quick and easy gift that she can take to hand out to her little friends.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t been in the mood to sit down and make some elaborate crafts this year.  We have been busy getting together with friends, attending Christmas festivals, visiting family, etc. That is one of my favorite things about the holiday season!  I love going to different activities and participating in all the fun and joy. But… that doesn’t leave for a lot of spare time!  So I decided to skip the crafty preschool gifts all together and instead created a little gift tag that only requires a colorful candy cane and some cute ribbon.

Merry and Bright Christmas Tag, Free Printable Gift Tag, Stocking StufferThese would make the cutest little stocking stuffers too, wouldn’t they? Or treats to hand out to children at church, co-workers, etc.  Gifts don’t have to be expensive and complicated to brighten up someone’s day.  Maybe you know someone who is struggling and just needs a thoughtful little pick-me-up.  A small gift like this is perfect.  And you’ll feel merry and bright after bringing a smile to another’s face.  (see what I did there!)

And of course, you could use the tag on ANY gift as well!  They don’t have to be attached to these colorful candy canes, even though they do look ridiculously cute together.  :)

Merry and Bright Christmas Tag, Free Printable Gift Tag, Stocking StufferThe printable gift tags come in a PDF with 6 tags on a page. All you need to do is download the PDF, print it at home or any copy store, and cut out each tag.  Then tie onto a candy can using ribbon or baker’s twine, or tape onto any gift bag/box.  Side note: isn’t baker’s twine so cute?!  I  swear, it ups the cuteness factor of any gift.  So click, print, and get gift giving!


Merry and Bright Christmas Tag, Free Printable Gift Tag, Stocking Stuffer


Christmas Stovetop Potpourri and Gift Tag

I know it has been awhile since my last post but I just had to stop by and share this amazing stovetop potpourri recipe!  I have had a pot on my stove with this delicious combination for the last two weeks and I cannot get enough of it.  It fills up my entire house with an amazing scent and it smells exactly like how I think the holidays should smell.

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri Recipe and Gift Tag

It is super easy to put together and also makes a beautiful gift!  You can use a small jar like I did (I found this at Walmart for under $5) or use a clear cellophane gift bag and tie with some pretty ribbon.

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri Recipe and Gift TagTake it to your neighbors, your child’s teacher, co-workers, etc.  I’m pretty sure everybody enjoys a wonderful smell in their home.  It is much better than the alternative, right?  :)  Also, we actually have a family friend that is allergic to an ingredient found in scented candles so an all natural option like this is perfect for her!

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri Recipe and Gift TagSo what to put inside?  The measurements don’t need to be perfectly exact but here is a general idea:

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri Recipe and Gift Tag

  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Cup Cranberries
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 1 Tablespoon Cloves
  • 1 Tablespoon Nutmeg
  • 2 Sprigs Rosemary
  • 1 Tablespoon Vanilla
  • 2 Cups of Water

To give as a gift include the orange, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, and rosemary.  Then attach the printable tag with the instructions to slice the orange, add vanilla and water, and simmer on low heat.


Christmas Stovetop Potpourri Recipe and Gift TagI used one batch for an entire week and then remade it again a second time.  After I turned the stove off I covered the sauce pan with a lid until I was ready to use it again.  You just have to make sure it always have enough water in the pan.  It is a perfect recipe for the perfect holiday scent!


If Kisses Were Snowflakes…

I think something happened to my calendar because when I looked at it I saw that Christmas was one week away.  That can’t be right.  Somehow the dates must have gotten all mixed up because I know I have more time than one week.  Right?  Anybody else feel this way?

I’m not ready for the season to be over!  We have been busy (like super busy) but it has been the wonderful kind of busy.  Spending time with family and friends and taking part in all the wonderful things this time of year has to offer.

Christmas Season Fun

I know that you have to be as busy as I am so I have a little gift idea that is really quick and easy to put together if you want to give a treat to someone special.  All you need is some Hershey kisses and a bag or jar to put them in, then print this tag and you are all set!

Free Printable Kisses and Snowflakes Treat TagI love the candy cane kisses that come out at this time of year.  I could eat a whole bag all on my own if I’m not careful.  I may have snuck a couple of these for myself while I was taking pictures.  :)

Free Printable Snowflakes and Kisses Treat Tag

Download the PDF

As busy as we all are I think it is still important to take a few minutes to make the important people in our lives feel special, and this is one quick and easy way to do it!

Christmas Decorating & Free Printable

This holiday season will be known as the Great Decoration De-Cluttering of 2015.  When it came time to decorate for Christmas I sat down in my living room with my boxes of decor around me and made three piles: one to donate, one to throw away, and one to keep.  I went through with a pretty detailed eye and if it was worn, faded, falling apart, or a style that I no longer liked then away it went.  And at the end I was really surprised at how small the keep pile was.  I definitely got rid of a lot more than I had planned on but I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to any of it.  This will be our 10th Christmas together so it makes sense that some of the decor needs to be updated.  And since I had such a small keep pile I basically got to start from scratch.   So of course off to Pinterest I went for some inspiration!  It may seem weird but I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for when I saw this picture of blankets.

Christmas Decoration InspirationThe words that came to my mind right away were cozy, winter, snow, and holidays.  I loved the colors and the textures in the plaid and different fabrics.  I had found my new Christmas decorating theme!  The only problem is my budget doesn’t really allow for me to go out and buy a houseful of new decor.  :)  So I’m starting small.  I bought a few new simple things and just decorated a couple of small spots in my house.  I plan on hitting the after Christmas sales and slowly but surely rebuilding my stock.  One area that I decorated is our entry way table with a print I designed inspired by the blanket picture.

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling Doodles

The berries in the white vase all came from the Dollar Tree and you might recognize the fluffy white and red Christmas trees from this post.  And the snowflake vases are from Walmart and the frame and lantern I already had.  That pretty much consists of my decoration shopping this year.  I told you I was starting small.  :)

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling Doodles

And of course here is the print!  Feel free to download it and use it in our own home if you like.  I had mine printed up at Costco at 8×10.

Free North Pole Sleigh Company Printable from Darling Doodles Free North Pole Sleigh Company Printable from Darling DoodlesDownload the PDF

North Pole Sleigh CompanyI shared this picture of our tree on my Instagram account a couple of nights ago.  One of my very favorite things about this season is the warm glow from a Christmas tree.

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling DoodlesThe other part of our house that is decorated is the most important part.  On top of our piano we have our beautiful nativity my parents gave us when we were first married.  I love this set so much.

Christmas Decorating with Darling DoodlesAnd next to the piano is our collection of small nativities that we add to every year.

Christmas decorating and free North Pole Sleigh Company print from Darling Doodles

In a way I am really liking the simplicity of the decor with the main focus being on our nativities and thus on Christ’s birth.  Which is exactly how it should be.

Scripture-a-Day Focusing on Christ

I wish I could take credit for this wonderful idea but it isn’t completely mine.  A few weeks ago we had an activity at church and they handed out little journals with a reading chart glued onto the front cover.  The chart had a scripture a day to read from now until Christmas that focused on different attributes of Christ.  I LOVE the idea of taking a small amount of time each day to read a scripture and keep Christ more fully in my mind and heart this holiday season.  It is such a small act but I can feel a difference in my days and I think this will help make my holidays more meaningful as I focus on the true reasons behind them.  These upcoming weeks are busy and hectic, and I actually love all the hustle and bustle, but I also love taking a minute or two each day to refocus and remember what is really important.

Reading Chart with a Scripture-a-Day from now until Christmas that focuses on Christlike attributes.

I have created a chart to share with you with Bible scriptures that start on Sunday (Nov. 15th) and go all the way until Christmas.  Each week has a different “theme” to it and the theme focuses on an attribute of Christ and how it can/should apply to us.  I purposely didn’t put any dates on this chart or make it super Christmas-y so that it could be used at any time of the year but if you start on Sunday there is one a day until Christmas.

Reading Chart with a Scripture-a-Day from now until Christmas that focuses on Christlike attributes.I love this time of year for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the opportunity I have to grow closer to my Savior and develop the relationship I have with Him.  Hopefully this will also help you keep Him nearer in your thoughts and hearts this season.

Download the PDF

Reading Chart with a Scripture-a-Day from now until Christmas that focuses on Christlike attributes.

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