I done learnt my letters.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the previous flashcard posts with colors, numbers, and the body.  This last one is the big one.  This one took me quite a while to put together.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to put together flashcards for the Tamil language.  247 characters.  Yeesh.  That is one long alphabet song.  Those poor kindergarten teachers.

While I think these flash cards are fun for learning, in a little travel book, etc I also think they could be cute hung on a wall in a playroom or nursery as a decoration.  Like this display with bird pictures:

Source: The Estate of Things

 Some string or ribbon and clothes-pins and wha-la!  Cheap, easy, and cute art!

 Now as you’re scrolling down you can begin singing along in your head…”A,B,C,D….”

They need to clean the closet more often.

I’m not really sure if today’s WoW Wednesday story falls into the weird, wacky, or wild category so we’ll just call it all three.  The one thing I do know, is it probably isn’t wonderful.
( I think it’s helpful to picture this whole scene taking place in a dark creepy basement full of cobwebs in the corners and one single light bulb swinging overhead.  And it’s slightly flickering.  And there is ominous music playing in the background.  Got the image?  Okay let’s proceed. )
Imagine it’s a new school year and you, the anatomy teacher, are heading down to storage to pull out that old plastic skeleton you use for your lesson demonstrations.  You open the closet door and the skeleton falls out into your arms.  You jump, and then laugh nervously, embarrassed at your own jumpiness.  And then suddenly, you look at the pile in your arms and you notice something…peculiar.  Something strange that you’ve never noticed before.  This skeleton you are holding is not plastic.  Oh no, it is a real set of human bones.  You’ve suddenly just discovered an actual skeleton in your closet.  
Okay, so I’m not exactly sure if that is how the scene played out but it sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it?  And the anatomy teacher at Totara North School in New Zealand really did find an actual skeleton in storage.  I’d like to think the storage was in a creepy basement.  
So what did they do now that the saying “skeleton in the closet” had gone from proverbial to literal?  They took it to the police of course.  Who said, “Uh…sure we’ll take it.  Now what?”
Until the police can decide what to do with it, they are currently storing the skeleton in their own closet.
Now that we are all thinking of skeletons how about some flash cards about what else….anatomy!  Don’t worry there are no creepy bones here, just a whole bunch of body cuteness!

Today’s WoW Wednesday story comes to us from Dunya News.


When I was in 1st grade I had to take an assessment test and the results showed I was in the 99th percentile for reading and in the 20th percentile for math.  And I hate to admit it, but the results never changed.  Today if you put me in a group of 10 people I would be one of the 2 people that can’t count.  Maybe if my mom had used these flash cards I would have been with the other 7 people in the group.

And I’m just kidding Mom.  You did your best.  I’m pretty sure that 80% of the time it was 100% my fault.

*For tips on printing see the previous post with color flashcards or read the how to print page*

Back to School for the Little Ones

I have seen SO many adorable back to school ideas floating around blogland lately.  I’m loving all the creative ideas people are sharing.  But I also thought about all the little ones being left behind as all their older siblings skipped off to school in their fancy new clothes and backpacks.  Well, they need something too!  And I’m going to do something about it!  All this week I’m going to be posting learning flash card printables to teach colors, numbers, letters, etc.   Hopefully you’ll find something you and your little one can enjoy!
Let’s start with colors!

Here is how I recommend printing them:

Right click on the image and save the file to your computer making sure to pay attention to the folder you are saving it in.  Then open up Microsoft word and click on insert picture.   Then look for the picture you just saved in its folder (this is why you paid attention!).

Once you open up the picture you can resize it to any size you want.  Placing two one one page will save paper when printing.

Come back tomorrow for some cute number flashcards!
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