It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s a SUPER BABY SHOWER!

My sweet sister-in-law Cassie is getting ready to have her first baby this fall.  I was able to help plan and host a baby shower for her and we celebrated in super style.  Superhero style, that is.  She is decorating the baby’s nursery in all things superhero so that was the perfect theme for her shower as well.

Superhero Baby Shower IdeasI created this really easy and inexpensive backdrop with plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree, which is also where I found the shiny stars.   I folded the top edge of the tablecloth down to create the overhang and then as I taped it onto the wall I gathered slightly to create the ruffled look.  The stars were perfect to hide the tape all along the top.

Superhero Baby Shower IdeasIt brought so much color into the room and had a big impact with a very small amount of effort and low cost!  I also hung large tissue paper pom-poms in the windows and doorways.

Superhero Baby Shower IdeasFor the food we had fruit, vegetables, popcorn, and cupcakes.  But of course, we served them superhero style.

_DSC0051 Superhero Baby Shower Ideas Superhero Baby Shower Ideas Superhero Baby Shower Ideas(Aren’t these cupcakes adorable?  They were ordered from Sam’s club and they tasted just as good as they looked.)

It was such a fun shower, I hope Cassie enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together along with her mom and aunt.  And I cannot wait to meet my newest nephew when he arrives in just a couple of short months!

Superhero Baby Shower Ideas

I’ve added the Superhero Baby Shower Party Package to my Etsy store for the next time you are putting together a baby shower!  With fun colors and lots of cute elements this is the perfect theme any little hero who is about to make his debut.

Superhero Baby Shower Party PackageSuperhero Baby Shower Party Package 2 Superhero Baby Shower Party Package 4 Superhero Baby Shower Party Package 3

I’m going to be editing a few of the items to create a Superhero Birthday Package as well so be on the lookout for that soon!


What’s on the (Baby’s) Menu?

Little, brand new babies eat pretty much all day long.  Every two hours round the clock, right?  I felt like we were feeding Savannah all.the.time. at the beginning.  And I’ve been told that the feeding doesn’t really stop.  They should really put that on the warning label: “your child will want food every day for the next 18 years.”  That should go right next to the second warning, “your child will poop on every article of clothing, piece of furniture, and any other surface you have in your home.”

Since kids think they need food for some reason, putting together a gift basket with baby feeding items is a fun and practical gift for any new mom!

What's on the menu gift basket idea with printable tagYou can include all sorts of items- things that will be helpful with a newborn and all the way through the toddler years.  If you know the mother’s feeding plans (bottle or breastfeeding) then you can get even more specific otherwise a few generic items work great as well.  Here’s a few ideas:

– Bottles

– Bottle liners

– Bottle cleaning brushes

– Formula

– Nursing pads/creams

– Nursing cover

– Bibs

– Burp cloths

– Plates & bowls

– Sippy cups

– Snack containers

– Baby spoons/forks

What's on the menu gift basket idea with printable tag And since a baby’s menu is usually full of such variety, here is a fun gift tag that showcases their discerning palates.

Download the PDF

What's on the menu gift basket idea with printable tagAnd there you go!  An easy, fun, and helpful gift to take to your next baby shower!

What's on the menu gift basket idea with printable tag.

A Baby Shower Gift for Mom & Baby

Mom and Baby Gift Basket with Printable TagOne thing I know for sure, a new mom can never have enough diapers!  They’ll almost always get used and since they can be pretty pricey helping momma with her diaper supply is always appreciated.  Another thing I know?  A new mom can also never be pampered enough!  They work hard taking care of their sweet, new little baby.  But since moms rarely take time for themselves on their own, including a little something for her in the gift is a great idea.

Mom and Baby Gift Basket with Printable Tag

So fill up that gift basket with diapers and wipes and then include some items for mom like bath salts, soaps, lotion, candle, chocolate, relaxing CD, etc.  You can make this basket as simple or as deluxe as you’d like.  And a cute tag that showcases the “diaper” theme pulls it all together!

Download the PDFMom and Baby Gift Basket Tag


Hand-Me-Downs? Yes Please!

When I started writing this post I actually came across several articles about hand-me-down etiquette.  Really?  I didn’t know it was so complicated.  All I know is that when we brought Savannah home several people came by with bags and bags of clothes from their little ones and we happily accepted each one!  And in turn I’ve passed along a few outfits to other new moms as well!  It’s the circle of life.  Or the circle of cotton anyway.

Free Printable Hand Me Down Gift TagBut just because you may be passing along used clothes doesn’t mean you can’t make it a cute, fun gift!  Instead of a plastic grocery sack put the clothes into a cute gift bag (it takes the same amount of time!) and add a cute tag!  I happen to have one for you.

Download the PDF

Hand Me Down Gift Tag Free PrintableThis is a gift that is practical for the giver and the receiver.  For the giver: it is economical, clears out space, and is quick to put together.  For the receiver: new (to you) clothes!  Items you don’t have to spend money on.  It’s a win-win!


The First Year Keepsake Book

If I’ve learned one thing over the past month and a half it is how precious the little moments are.  Well, little moments and sleep.  I’ve always liked sleep, but boy oh boy, sleep is now like my best friend who I really want to spend hours with but they’re suddenly too busy and if they pay any attention to me at all it is only in tiny little moments that go by way too quickly and don’t really mean anything.  Sleep is suddenly the cool kid and doesn’t want to be my best friend anymore so now we never hang out no matter how many times I keep bugging sleep to come be my friend again.  That made no sense.  Sorry, I’m sleep deprived.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, precious little moments.  Moments like these…

1002934_10200675657466850_2052951658_n IMG_20130629_213258 _DSC1420 _DSC1274

Little pieces of time that fly by but that you want to remember forever.   I don’t want to forget anything so I made a First Year Keepsake Book to document all the important memories.  This is an item I added to my Etsy Shop a little while ago but I haven’t had a chance to share it on the blog until now.

My First Year Memory Pages Little GirlMy First Year Memory Pages Little Boy

This item is so helpful in keeping track of all the important memories so you can look back on them year after year.  And since it is printable it allows you to print as many pages as you’d like and organize it how YOU want.  All you need is a three ring binder and sheet protectors to keep the pages safe and you are all set!

The listing includes a cover page and one page for each month of the first year with space to track your baby’s growth and fun moments and memories that happened within the month.

My First Year Month by Month- Girl My First Year Month by Month- Girl

Two pages to write down the big milestones your baby will reach before you know it!  And you won’t want to forget that first smile, or step, or that first word!

My First Year Milestone Memories- Girl My First Year Milestone Memories- Boy

As well as 6 different journal pages, print as many as you would like.  Write down your thoughts and feelings to share later with your child.

My First Year Journal Pages- Girl My First Year Journal Pages- Boy

I think this would make a FANTASTIC baby shower gift!  It is meaningful, useful, and budget friendly as well.

To see the listings visit my Etsy Shop:

The First Year Keepsake Book- Little Girl

The First Year Keepsake Book- Little Boy

A Storybook Baby Shower

Shelby is one of the nicest, prettiest, stylish, and most creative person I know!  She’s my photography idol and has a wonderful blog that I highly encourage you to check out if you haven’t already done so from another one of her guest posts.  She is also a dear friend and her guest post today shows what a great friend she really is!

Post divider

Hi! I’m Shelby from Brandon and Shelby  I am so excited to be here guest posting on Darling Doodles today. Mostly because I can share a bit more about Mrs Darling Doodles and the exciting time she is going through.

I am fortunate enough to know Mrs. Darling Doodles- aka Brie and she is just as sweet and crafty in person as she is here on this blog. This past weekend me and a couple of other lady friends threw Brie a baby shower. And I just wanted to share what we did with you, to either give you inspiration or give you a glimpse of what Brie did this weekend {because we all know you read this blog because of her}

So our theme was ‘Books’ and on our invitation we asked the guest to give a book  with their gift so that Brie could build her library for her sweet angel.

 I made Dulche de Leche cookies recipe from here


 ^^ For an activity the guests were to write on little square papers and safety pin the note to the diapers. So in the future when Brie was to change a diaper she will have a sweet, inspirational, or funny note to read.^^

^^We also printed off library cards to have the guest give their best parenting advice to Brie.^^

^^ Book garland that I made from magazine pictures.^^


It was a really fun to throw a shower for someone so sweet and grateful. Thanks for letting me Brie!

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