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about-me-page-pictureHello there!  I’m Brie, thank you for visiting Darling Doodles.   I started this blog as a way to share my crafting, decorating, and designing endeavors and hopefully give some inspiration along the way.   I’m a fan of all things easy and budget friendly, and a big believer in making things “cute.”  Slightly obsessed with having a clean and organized house, I also love DIY-ing and interior design.  I love graphic design and have so much fun sharing my free printables and creating items to sell.  When I’m not designing or working on the blog I love to read, write YA fiction, travel, and sight-see.  I’m a born and raised Arizona girl, but I’ve also lived in Mississippi, Utah, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts.  I have the best little family that starts with my wonderful husband Sam, and our two miracles Savannah and Milo.   They are my greatest blessings!

Unimportant facts you don’t need to know but might find slightly interesting:

* My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice (hello Mr. Darcy!) and Harry Potter.
* I read several books a week, the library and bookstores are some of my favorite  places to  spend an afternoon.
* My husband is a Facility Engineer.  Whenever we walk into a building he can tell you how many light bulbs are out in five seconds flat.
* My favorite piece of clothing is a cardigan.
* I love pearls.
* I could watch QVC all day, and sometimes I do.
* Those last three things make me feel like I’m actually an 80 year old woman.
* Top 3 ‘must travel to’ places are France, China, and everywhere else in the world.
* I think popcorn and cheese are two of the greatest foods ever invented.
* But I hate cheese popcorn.  Its disgusting.
* If the survival of the world depended on me solving a simple math problem, we’d all be dead.
* I’m a Disney fanatic.
* My birthday falls on Thanksgiving a lot.  I’ve heard lots of jokes about turkey flavored birthday cake.
* I’m going to ask for an amazing singing talent in my next life.
* I love rainy days.
* I’d much rather be too cold than too hot.
* I love the snow.  Like LOVE.
* Overall I think people are good, the world is beautiful, and dreams can come true.  I’m a sappy optimistic who cries at sunsets and flowers. People always tell me I’m tender hearted.
* I tell them my eye plumbing is always leaking.
* I love to read every single comment and email I get from my readers.  They make my day.  You can send me one if you want!  doodlebrie@gmail.com

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