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Teacher Gift Ideas

I have probably gotten more emails or comments asking about teacher gift ideas than I have for any other idea.  And with good reason, teachers can be very hard to buy for.   You need a gift that adequately expresses your appreciation for everything they do for your child but at the same time you may not know what your teacher’s hobbies are outside of school, if they have any food allergies, and schools can sometimes even limit the monetary value of a gift that teachers are allowed to accept. 

Luckily for you I have a little bit of an “in” with the teaching crowd.  My mother was a teacher, I have three aunts and two uncles that were teachers, and my grandparents were both teachers.  And the unanimous answer for some of the most helpful gifts they received was: supplies.
Teachers often buy a lot of items using their own money and they can go through supplies faster than a room full of kindergarteners can devour a platter full of cupcakes.  Teachers will really appreciate anything that helps stock up their supplies for the next year.

There are lots of ways you can gift supplies too.  From the super-duper-all-out-fantastic to the simple and cute I’ve gathered up some great inspiration photos for you.

Monogrammed Pencil Jar from The Rachel Berry Blog.  Perfect for all those “can I borrow a pencil” moments.

Supply Cake from What’s Scrapping.  Adorable!  This would be a good group gift.

 Another Supply Cake from The Butlers.  I love the flowers on this one!

 Paint can with a cute tag that says “Teachers fill our world with color, thanks for brightening our year” from Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

 A french fry style box filled with supplies from Pigtails Paper Trails.  Any unique basket can really dress up a simple gift.

As with any gift I think what teachers would appreciate the most is the thought behind it and the sincerity with which it is given.  No matter how you decide to package up your gift, or how big or small you go, I’ve made a tag for you that will work with any supply gift. 

You can download the tag here.


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