September 2017 Visiting Teaching

The Visiting Teaching message for the month of September is called Of One Heart. This is probably one of my favorite messages that the gospel teaches. I cannot wait for the day when we as people can all be fully of one heart and one mind.

“At the heart of the English word atonement is the word one. If all mankind understood this, there would never be anyone with whom we would not be concerned, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or social or economic standing. We would strive to emulate the Savior and would never be unkind, indifferent, disrespectful, or insensitive to others.” – Elder M. Russell Ballard

President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency, taught: “Where people have [the] Spirit with them, [they] may expect harmony. … The Spirit of God never generates contention … It leads to personal peace and a feeling of union with others.”

If this isn’t the exact message that we need to hear right now, then I don’t know what is. These are inspired words and I would encourage us all to look a little deeper inside ourselves and see how we can be kinder, more sensitive, respectful, and loving to everyone around us. To emulate the Savior and follow His teaching, ““And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them” (Moses 7:18)

Here is the printable handout to take to the sisters you visit teach, send in a card in the mail, or even email or text them the picture.


September 2017 Visiting Teaching Handout September 2017 Visiting Teaching Handout


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4 Responses to September 2017 Visiting Teaching

  1. Mom says:

    I love your beautiful handouts. I use them a lot. Thanks for doing the hard part.

  2. Allie says:

    As VT Co-ordinator for our ward, I make a display table showing VT ideas and handouts that are available for them to print. I look forward to your handouts. They are always so darling! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  3. Julie says:

    I am so grateful for your handouts!!! Thank you for sharing your talents. My sisters will get to enjoy it as well. Love it!

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