DIY Dry Erase Calendar

I’m really excited about this project I recently finished because even though it is a small project it is step one in my master plan.   That sounds so devious.

I have been wanting a “command center” in my home for forever!  It is kind of a joke between my husband and I over my love for command centers.  He’s been listening to my visions of the perfect organized center for far too long.  And I’ve probably shown him dozens of photos.  Here’s just a few that have inspired me:

Command Center 6From One Creative Housewife

smallspac_commandctr_02_02From Organize Magazine (no longer in business)

img72b img68oThese two beautiful centers are from Pottery Barn

It is like an organizing overdose!  Love them.

So Sam and I actually found a big frame just sitting on the side of the road and I immediately scooped it up.  I didn’t know what I would do with it at the time but hey, it was free!  After thinking about it for awhile I knew it would be a great place to start building my own command center and turned it into a large dry erase calendar.

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

The frame actually started out with a poorly done brown paint job but a light sanding, some primer, and a couple coats of white spray paint took care of it.

DIY Dry Erase CalendarI get asked a lot what my favorite brand of spray paint is to use in projects and to be honest, I don’t really have one.  I usually just use whatever is cheapest, or in stock, or closest to me on the shelf.  I’m not very picky, or I haven’t found “the one” yet.  Maybe I will someday…

This frame is pretty large and it is also an odd size, 14 x 27.  So in order to fill it I created my own calendar design and had it printed up at Costco.  The actual print is 20 x 30 and I just made sure to leave a large border in the design so that when I trimmed the border off it would fit in the frame.

DIY Dry Erase CalendarThe pen in the picture above is for a size reference.  This is a pretty big calendar, lots of room to organize!  Once cut and in the frame we hung it up on a large empty wall in our kitchen.

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

DIY Dry Erase CalendarI love having this large calendar to keep track of anything we have going on in the month.  I know it will come in so handy and help me keep organized.

DIY Dry Erase CalendarPlus it just makes me happy.  Step one in my master plan for the command center is complete!  Now I just have to figure out what else I’m going to add!

************************ UPDATE **************************

Due to numerous requests for the calendar template I have added it to my Etsy store.  You can purchase it for only $4.99, and receive it as an instant download the moment you purchase!

You can also purchase the calendar WITH a matching menu planner for $7.99!

Or check out over a dozen other styles of the calendar and menu planner sets!


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60 Responses to DIY Dry Erase Calendar

  1. Louise says:

    Oh my this has made me want to organise! I love the idea of the whole family being about to see who’s doing what so there are no clashes! Also, I love the little bunting bits you did-very pretty.

    Louise x

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Thanks Louise! There is no reason why something that is functional can’t also be pretty, right? I also think it would be fun to have a different colored marker for each member of the family. That might be my over-organizing gene kicking in though!

  2. Libby says:

    Another great project! I love organization. In fact, I just organized my already organized pantry this weekend. This idea is great because I have a husband who is always traveling and its hard to keep up with him. This will definitely help.

  3. Betty819 says:

    I love this set up you’ve made. I have been wanting to make a dry-erase calendar myself using the same idea you have, but where do you get the fine point dry erase pens? Guess I have a tendency to write larger and some days we have more than one thing going on or more than one Drs. appt. on same day. How do you work that out in that small space? Just found your blogspot via pinterest a few minutes ago and I would like to know if you sell any of your printables? Love the one that has budget and expense and the yearly calander. I am computer illiterate, can I order those direct from you? What’s Etsy?
    Do you put a sealer over the painted picture frame? i’d like more of a semi gloss or gloss finish on my picture frame, not matte. Do you use the same calender but write on the glass frame, and number the dates each month? What cleans the dry erase marker off and is it easy to get off? I apologize for all the questions, but I sometimes do not comprehend what I read from the computer monitor. If I have the hard copy in front of me, it sinks in(most of the time!). I love the bugdet/ezpense report. I started something similar but never got past Jan. with that. I took over the financial affairs last year so I’m still feeling my way to streamline them better. Where on your expense report do you add in “eating out” and grocery shopping? Did I oerlook that part?

  4. Laura says:

    So adorable! Just wondering how you created your design and printed at Costco. I’m making a calendar and this seems to be the easiest way I’ve found.

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Hi Laura! I created the design first in photoshop and then saved the image as one big picture. I ordered it from Costco through their photo printing services (I’ve found that it is usually the cheapest.) I hope this helps you out!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, so you printed it up like a picture….then did you put glass on the top so that you could write on it like a dry erase board??

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I picked up a sheet of plexiglass at Home Depot and had it cut to fit inside the frame and use it just like a dry erase board. I wish I could have found a big picture frame with glass already inside of it but when you are working with items from off the side of the road you get what you get!

  6. Katrina says:

    I love the look of this. I am really wanting to try this. My organizing bug is going mad and I always forget about those little portable calenders until it’s too late. Haha. I feel like my problem would be getting it to stay together.

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      If you give it a shot I hope it works for you! It has really helped me to have a large calendar that I see everyday.

  7. Kelsey says:

    Do you have a download for the colander? I love the design (:

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Hi Kelsey,

      I don’t have a download for the calendar because it is such a unique size that I’m afraid it won’t fit regular frames. The frame I used was an old one that is not the regular dimensions. Sorry about that!

  8. Mindy says:

    Love love love this! Want to make one for our growing family! Tip on white board. If you can try putting glass in the frame:-)then write on the glass and voila it will wipe right off and you will be able to see right through it:-)

  9. Tana Angle says:

    I use Expo Vis*a*Vis markers on my glass and plexiglass. It works like a charm. It doesn’t rub off when someone touches the calendar and it comes off easily with a wet paper towel or wipe. :o)

    • Betty819 says:

      I just googled the markers you these come in dry erase and wet erase and which ones do you use? Do you use just black or colors; I also need a fine point. That way i can control my handwriting better. Our favorite restaurant uses the Expo Neon Bold wet erase markers and they are so pretty. I didn’t think to ask the bartender if she is writing on glass or just a chalkboard. Opps! Would that make a difference?

  10. Mae says:

    Do you mind sharing your calendar? I’m sure I can make it work with the size. If not, I understand.

  11. Abby says:

    Hi! I have a similar size frame and I was wondering if you would mind sharing your calendar with me? Also what did you use for the backing on your frame ( this girl got her frame out of a neighbor’s garage..)

  12. Shawna says:

    Would you mind sharing the calendar. I am not good on the computer so I would figure out a way to make it work!

  13. Tamara says:

    Love your design-could you email it to me? Any advice on making it magnetic as well? I know there is paint you can use but worry that through glass it won’t be strong enough. Thin sheet metal perhaps? Thanks!

  14. megan says:

    While searching for the perfect printable calendar, I came across yours! I think it’s perfect! Did I read that you would be willing to share? Thanks so much! I’m excited to get started b/c we desperately need to get organized as summer is rapidly approaching! Thanks!

  15. Rachel says:

    I am heading off to college and if you are sharing, I would love to have your calendar template as well! This is such a good idea and a very cute template.

  16. Grace says:

    Hi Brie! My daughter is getting ready to start college this fall and we have been looking for something like this. If you do not mind will you please email/share with me your calendar. Also if you can do this, can it be edited. She would like to change the colors to cordinate with her room and add her own personal message. Thank you so much!

  17. Love your design. I have just spent a few days looking at systems from Pottery Barn (expensive!) and searching for calendars at the various Big Box stores. Since it will hang in the kitchen I want something nice and can’t find anything to fit the bill. Do you have options to share your file?

  18. Jordan Fuller says:

    I want/need this calendar sooooo bad! I would even be willing to pay for it through paypal

  19. Amanda says:

    Did you use a template or create the calendar from scratch? I have been looking for a calendar just like this for a frame and am sure I can make the adjustments to fit into a 24×36 frame as it would not be much larger than what you created.

  20. Jessica says:

    I LOVE THIS CALENDAR!!! I read through 3 times trying to find out how to download it! If you are willing to email.. Please email me? Trying to get organized and implement the next phase of my command center!! Thanks so much in advance!! (The pin I found you with had over 600 repins!!)

  21. Carley says:

    Beautiful Calendar! I would love if you would be willing to share it, as my family of 6 is looking for BIGGER and more organized option for our busy lives. :) Thank you so much for considering. -Carley

  22. Brett says:

    Anyway I could get your design emailed to me?

  23. Allison says:

    Hello! I would be so grateful if you would share this calendar with me! I love the colors and design…beautiful and functional! Thank you in advance!

  24. Jeaness Thibodeau says:

    I love this calendar design. Would you please share the file, as I also am not very photo shop savy. Thanks in advance.

  25. Tausha says:

    I would love the calendar template too please :)

  26. Betty819 says:

    Brie..I just purchased a dry erase calendar at the grocery store last night. It’s 22x32in.and hoping to find a used frame somewhere but if not, I will have one made or buy a frame already made up at craft store. Is it difficult to write on the glass? What type of pens do you use on glass? I like a fine point pen as I feel I have more control over my handwriting.

    I’m computer illiterate, could you email me and explain about Etsy and how it works? BESHENOUR@COMCAST.NET

  27. Gianna says:

    Hi! I love the idea, but I don’t own an international credit card (I am from South America), which I need to buy via etsy. I’m fourteen and this would help me so much with school projects and due dates, etc. Is there any other way I can pay you for it? Like, could I deposit the money for you any other way?? could you perhaps receive the equivalent in Reals (my currency) and convert it there? I can send you the money however you like. Please? My school year is about to begin and this would help me so much!! Please let me buy jt some other way??

  28. This is so creative, and I KNOW how much people love it. I pinned it, and it has currently been repinned 2,566 times from just me. With 325 likes. It is like the only notification I ever get on pinterest! haha Great job!

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      WOW! I should be paying you a commission for all the publicity! Thanks for pinning and reading along!

  29. Meghann says:

    Hi! This is amazing! I’m trying to go to your link to purchase the templates but it’s not working for me. Maybe because I’m in Canada??? Is there another way I can get it?
    Thank you!

  30. Pilita Blanchard says:

    I don’t see the calendar template in your Etsy shop. Is there another way to get it? I LOVE it!

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Thank you for this comment! The calendar was just “sold out” and I had to go and renew the listing. It is now back up again! I appreciate you taking the time to give me a heads up!

      • Love, love, love it. I finally downloaded it last month. Had it printed and bought a frame at Michaels. The frame I wanted was in black and I wanted a white frame so bought spray paint… and well the rest is history. It is a proud addition to my craft studio.

  31. Nicole says:

    Could you design a two month one top and bottom?

  32. Jillian says:

    I am making one for my internship right now!
    It’s so motivating and I also going to make one for myself at home. x

  33. Alexandria says:

    This is wonderful, thank you for sharing. I’m having trouble finding a frame that will fit the 20×30 poster. Do you have any size recommendations? Also, what is the size of the actual calendar? I know the print out is 20×30 but that includes the large border.

    thanks in advance!!

  34. Mary says:

    Hi there! I would love to buy this for my office, coud you tell me if it is 20×30 centimeters or inches?

    Thanks in advance!


  35. Kosima Grundy says:

    Hi, I love your calendar idea and want to make one for our family. I do a lot with old frames but never a dry eraser board. Great idea! I look on costco and I don’t see where I can make a calendar that size. Did you make it years ago? I would love to make one about 30 x 20. Any ideas? Thank so much!

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Hello Kosima! Costco does offer a 20×30 print for $9.99, as well as a slightly smaller 16×20 for $6.99. When you log into your photo account you should see that as an option. Once it has been printed then you can place it in a frame and use the glass as a dry erase board. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

  36. Asia Q. says:

    Hi ! I’m currently working on making a calendar like this now. I was wondering what program you used to design the calendar, and if you had to use particular settings so it wouldn’t be distorted once it printed on a large scale.

    Thank in advance!!

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      I make all my designs in Photoshop! It isn’t really a step by step process I can share as it take a lot of time to learn how to use all the different tools in PS. But it is a great program if you’re willing to learn how to use it!

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