Encouraging Healthy Eating In Children

Getting children to eat healthy can be a challenge for any parent.  The other day I was listening to some of my friends joke about their failed attempts to get their children to eat more fruits and veggies.  We all had a pretty good laugh at their stories.  And then one lady whose children are now grown shared a fantastic idea.  She had made a chart for each of her kids to keep track of all the new foods they had tasted and whether they liked them or not.  For every new food they got to put a sticker on their chart and once their chart was full they got a reward.  Now the reward was not sweets or junk food but something like getting to stay up 5 extra minutes or read an extra book before bedtime, etc.  I thought it was an adorable idea and one others might enjoy as well.  So I present to you the “I Tried It” chart.

I read somewhere that children may need to try food at least 5 times and even as many as 20 times before they learn to like it! So if Lima beans aren’t their favorite right away then put a sticker in the “Need to Try it Again” column.  Maybe the next time will be the charm.

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3 Responses to Encouraging Healthy Eating In Children

  1. Liv says:

    Wish I had this for my son who is now 30 and still won’t eat his fruits and veggies!

  2. Amberly Lambertsen says:

    This is really fun! I love it! I have pinned it for the future when I have kids. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE all of your fun ideas!

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