Give the Gift of Service

This was originally shared on Over The Big Moon as a guest post so for those of you who didn’t see it there, here it is:

Today I want to share with you some printable gift tags that are not for your typical gift in a box with a bow.  These ideas are all about reaching out to others and spreading some Christmas cheer.

Gift Idea #1:

If you have the means then this is such a fun thing to do!  The next time you and your family are out enjoying dinner pick another table in the restaurant and anonymously pay their bill for them.  Ask the server to present them with this card instead of their check and watch their faces light up.  It is great!

Gift Idea #2:

This one is similar to the dinner idea but it is more budget friendly.  Believe me I know how tight money can be so if you don’t have the resources to pay for an entire meal then think about just sending over a yummy dessert instead.

Gift Idea #3:

This is one that I have experienced myself so I know how happy it can make the recipient.  Here’s what you do:  Go into the gas station and ask them to put $10 of gas on pump __. (whatever pump you are by.)  Then tape this tag onto the pump and drive away leaving it loaded with $10 for the next person to pull in.  It will make their day!

Gift Idea #4:

Put a few quarters into a Ziploc bag and tape the bag and this tag to a vending machine.  Easy and quick.  I think little kids would have fun running around and helping out with this one.

Gift Idea #5:

These last two tags are a little more generic so you can use them in many different ways.

-Print one off and have it be the “family service tag.”  One member of the family starts with it and does an act of service for another family member leaving this tag behind.  That person then does an act of service for someone else and passes the tag on again.  Repeat throughout the whole month.

-Print off several for each person and encourage them to find one thing to do each day leading up to Christmas and leave the little note behind.

-Together think of something you can do for your neighbors or make a treat to take to them and use these as gift tags.   Be creative!  There are lots of ways to serve another.

You can download the PDF for all 6 tags here.  I hope that as we look around and find ways to offer service we’ll have a little bit more of the Christmas spirit with us and remember what this season really is all about.

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4 Responses to Give the Gift of Service

  1. olivia says:

    What great ideas! We are definitely doing some of these. It will be fun! Thanks for helping us remember what the season is truly about.

  2. I love doing this stuff, though I’ve never used cards before. They are so cute!

  3. Kellie says:

    WONDERFUL IDEAS!! Many thank for sharing :)

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