Christmas Towel

One of my dear readers asked me for some help in creating a tag for some gifts she was putting together.  80 gifts to be exact!  So we worked together and I think this Christmas Towel is a perfect combination of budget friendly, meaningful, and perfect for this season.  On a personal note I love when every day things can remind us of our Savior.  Because really everything we have is given by Him and is a blessing from Him.

Gift Tag: Download the PDF

Isn’t this such a sweet little story?  I just love it.  And it is a simple gift that is quick to put together and will definitely be used by the giftee.  I can see so many different people that this works for- neighbors, friends, church members, etc.  Thank you to my reader for inspiring this gift idea!


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57 Responses to Christmas Towel

  1. Michelle says:

    Brie, Thank you so much for the beautiful tag you made for me. The gifts turned out so nice and I know that those receiving them will love them. Merry Christmas!

  2. Olivia says:

    What a beautiful tag and story! Will definitely be using these! Thanks for all you inspired ideas.

  3. Olivia says:

    Oops, I meant your not you :)

  4. Peggy says:

    This is such a special gift, and I am using it this year for some special people in my life. Thank you so very much for sharing!

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      You’re very welcome Peggy! I hope your special people enjoy the gift and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I just found this and will be printing it out to give to my friends, secret sister and lost cousin. It really has a Great Message.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year!
    Jeanne Carlson

  6. Kristiane Smith says:

    I am using this as a Christmas gift for my congregation. We have focused on Random Acts of Christmas Kindness for Advent. I will preach on continuing the Random acts, and finish the sermon with a foot washing, then hand out the towels. Thank you for being part of Christmas.

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      That sounds perfectly lovely. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your kind words. Best wishes in the New Year!

  7. sue says:

    Now THIS is the perfect neighbor gift! Just went out and bought several towels to do this with. And I am proud to be giving this gift :)

  8. Michelle says:

    This is a wonderful idea. I had just found a way to embellish linen napkins to turn them into hand towels on another site and then I find this beautiful tag! A coincidence? I think not :)
    This will be at the top of my 2015 handmade gift list for all my family and friends. THANK YOU

  9. Ruth Fortner says:

    I clicked for a free copy of the poem but only got pages
    of comments.

  10. Peggy Perry says:

    I have 26 grandchildren and I bought towels for them and monogramed their names on them and wanted to do a poem. And I found this one and love it. Thank you for sharing it. Merry Christmas to you

  11. Stephaie says:

    I have tried to download this several time but the page is just blank…please help

  12. Susan says:

    Thank you for the great idea. I made these as party favors at our church’s Advent by Candlelight. I added a small evergreen dip in green paint and pressed on the towel at the bottom. The poem is perfect for our event.

  13. Cindy says:

    I cannot dowload poem. Can you please email me
    a copy? Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sandra Nulph says:

    Hi there! this is just what I was searching for! I just can’t get it to download and I need about 40 of these for my neighbor gifts! Could you possibly email me a copy? Thanks for your wonderful ideas and for sharing them with all of us!

  15. Billie Davis says:

    I can’t seem to make this work, I really need this beautiful poem, if you could e-mail this to me I would be so grateful. I stumbled on to you we sight and I love,love ,love it. Merry Christmas.

  16. BillieDavis says:

    Please help,I need this beautiful poem,can’t seem to get it to down load,

  17. Karen Propes says:

    Thank you so much, what a beautiful poem and a great idea.

  18. Michelle Darling says:

    I NEED THIS POEM!! Wont download please send this to me or repost to where it can be printed and downloaded please!!! <3

  19. Jessica says:

    What type of towel would you recommend?

  20. Carol Burton says:

    Please email me the poem. I want to use it for my women’s group. Thank you

  21. Pastor Faye says:

    Pease email me this gift tag template.

  22. Helen Fausett says:

    Can you email me a copy? I am trying to do these tonight.

  23. Marietta Koster says:

    Got poem to download but won’t print in color. Checked printer and put in new cartridges. Any thoughts? Thank you

    • Gail Drahos says:

      I cannot get this poem to download will you please send it to me on my email? I Love this and I can use it a lot! Thank you.

  24. Amy says:

    I love this! I remembered this poem from years ago and was happy to find it on your site. I have shared it on my site.

  25. Gail Drahos says:

    I cannot get this to print, will you please email it to me. Thank you!!

  26. margie sisson says:

    Please send me the poem.

  27. Valerie says:

    Please email me this beautiful poem. I would like to use it for Relief Society this Christmas. Thank you

    • Elaine says:

      Did you get this e-mailed to you? I asked for it to be sent to me as well but no luck so far. If you still have it could you please send it to me?

      • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

        Hi Elaine! I have been out of town but I am sending the poem over right now! Make sure you check your inbox, thanks!

  28. Elaine Canipe says:

    Could you please e-mail me this beautiful poem. I too am having trouble with the download and printing! Thank you so much. Got lots of gifts to make.

  29. Elaine says:

    Also, does the border print as well or just the poem itself? Just wondering.

  30. Laura says:

    Hi there, I love this beautiful poem. Having problems downloading and printing. Could you please send it to me?
    Thank you!

  31. Charlene Hauser says:

    This is a beautiful poem and thoughtful gift. Could you please email it to me? Love this idea. Char

  32. Geneva Summers says:

    Beautiful poem. Could you please email the poem to me? I would really appreciate it.

  33. Kandie Foster says:

    Would you please email me this towel poem? It’s just what we need for our RS this year!

  34. Shane heit says:

    Would you please email me the poem. It is so lovely. Thank you.

  35. Sue says:

    Would you please email me this poem? It is so perfect for a Christmas gift! Thank you!

  36. Sue says:

    Would you please email me this poem download so I can print? It is wonderful and I would like to share it with friends. Thank you!

  37. Carol Shelton says:

    One of our Dear older mothers at church LOVED the kitchen towel poem and wanted to use it as a gift at our Mother’s Day breakfast.
    Would welcome any suggestions changing the end to reflect
    Mothers Day.
    Also any ideas on the border to tie all together

  38. Amy says:

    Hi, I love this. Can you email it to me. We are using it for graduation instead of Christmas, do I would like to be able to edit the last paragraph. Thanks so much! It’s perfect!

  39. Sue says:

    Absolutely love this. Will use it for my women’s ministry friends for Christmas!

  40. Kim Bryant says:

    I would love to have a copy of the Christmas poem for the towels. I can’t get it to print. Can you please email it to me? I love this Thank you Kim

  41. Dalia Guymon says:

    Will you please e-mail this beautiful Christmas towel poem to me. Thank you!

  42. Teresa says:

    So glad I ran across this poem. Would you please email it to me? I can’t seem to get it to download. Thank you so much.

  43. Denese Grace says:

    Can you email me a copy please.

  44. Shari says:

    Will you please email me a copy please and thank you.

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