I Spy Travel Game

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I’ve mentioned that I traveled quite a bit growing up and since I’ve been married.  When I was little one thing my mom always did for us was to put together some traveling kits to keep us entertained and they always had “I Spy” lists.  Once we each completed our list we got a prize.  Nothing fancy, but to a seven year old riding in the car for six hours a toy from the dollar store is as good as gold.  One year my sixteen year old cousin went with us to Disneyland and my mom even made a list for him too.  One of the things he had to find was someone picking their nose.  That one kept all us kids entertained for hours and peering into every car next to us at stoplights.  Nothing is funnier to kids than boogers, right?

If you’re going on a summer vacation why not try out the “I Spy” lists and see if you can keep the kiddos occupied for as long as possible?  There are three different lists in each color- Easy, Medium, & Hard.


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12 Responses to I Spy Travel Game

  1. Kellie says:

    Awesome idea! Many thanks for sharing :)

  2. Liv says:

    Love ideas for keeping kids engaged and seeing where they are going and not zombied out in front of a screen of some kind. Thanks.

  3. Oh Brie – your doodles are always darling!! Love these!

  4. Mrs. McKown says:

    Ooooohhhh! Love this idea! Thank you for putting this in such a simple and easy to use format for my toddler!! Pinning this for later this summer!!
    Thanks again!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  5. This is such a cute idea!! Why have I not thought of this??? Grady is really into the I Spy books right now so he will love this!!!

  6. Dana Nelson says:

    This is awesome! I can’t thank you enough!

  7. Great job! We are leaving on vaca on wed and this will be awesome to have. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  8. I LOVE these! Whoo-Hoo! Thanks for sharing:)

  9. Big D and Me says:

    I love this I spy game – it’s definitely coming with us on our next road trip!

  10. Cate says:

    Thank you SO MUCH! I am taking my niece with us on holidays and she is 17 I think I might add the boogers to her list. My other children 2, 4, and 6 years will just love these too.

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      You’re very welcome! I hope it helps pass the time on your trip and that your vacation is lots of fun! And I’m sure the boogers will be a hit. :)

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