St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag Toppers

I shared this post last week over on A Pumpkin and a Princess as a guest blogger, and I wanted to make sure to share it over here too.
Today I want to share a printable I’ve made for St. Patrick’s Day that is great for a quick and easy treat.  All you have to do is print, fill a standard size baggie with any green candy, gold coins, or holiday themed treat, and staple or tape on the bag toppers.

There are two bag toppers in the PDF.  And since the saying is so cute, I couldn’t just stop at the toppers.  I made some circle tags to match!  These will work best with a 2 in.- 2 1/4 in. circle punch.


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5 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag Toppers

  1. Olivia says:

    How cute! I especially love the one that says “At the end of the rainbow I found you.” That’s so clever! :)

  2. Karen says:

    These are so wonderful- my grandchildren will love them! They are just what I was looking for!

  3. Dot says:

    tried downloading but wont download. Can you help?

  4. Lisa says:

    Me too! I also tried to download it, but it wouldn’t connect. These are so cute!!

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