12 Days of Gift-mas- Gift #10

Clydia is the creative blogger at Three Mango Seeds.  Her idea is so unique.  I love Christmas decorations but they can be so expensive.  I know I would appreciate receiving them as a gift and how fun for the person giving it to know that it is homemade!  This is so cute though, it might be hard to let go of! 

I am so excited to be guest posting today here at Darling Doodles!  Lots of Christmas inspiration going on at this place!

 I like to be done decorating by now and just enjoy the month of December, but it just hasn’t all come together this year. I’m feeling a bit behind & overwhelmed so far but I’m getting there.   

I’ve started with our front porch.  We’ve always had two pre-lit tree’s at the far end of the porch, but this year I wanted two on either side of the door as well.  I certainly didn’t want to go out and by more so I jumped on Pinterest for idea’s.

Have you seen the tomato cage Christmas tree? 
 Here’s how I did mine…

Luckily I had cages left over from our garden this summer.
And two planters already on either side of our front door.
Turned the cage’s upside down, round bottom sitting in the dirt.
Used garden picks to secure the bottom in the dirt.
Tied off the three prongs with burlap rope.
And began winding my white lights around it.
Another idea is to fill the inside with garland to make it actually look like a real tree.  I opted for just lights.  I plan on putting a big, red, glittery bow on top but our stinkin Wal-Mart didn’t have any so I have to run to Hobby Lobby.  So just imagine what it will look like! 
I’m finishing up the wreath, hopefully this weekend and we’ve begun work on the inside.  Yeah, hopefully we’ll be all done just in time to start taking it all down again!
Anyway, these were FREE and easy, plus they don’t look to shabby either. 

Thanks so much for having me over and I hope you guys will come visit my blog soon! 

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  1. Joanna Prudhomme says:

    OMIGOSH !! Fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing this one.

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