Bookworm Gift & WINNER!

Once upon a time there was someone searching for the perfect gift.  They traveled far and wide throughout Blogland looking for the gift that would be perfect for their one true love.  Suddenly, they stumbled across a blog with magical powers. Within that blog they found what they had been searching long and hard for, the perfect gift.  Delighted they presented their gift to their one true love and all of Blogland rejoiced.  And they lived happily ever! 
The End
For the bookworm in your life, whether they are your one true love or not, this is a gift sure to please!
To make this gift you will need:
  • Gift Basket
  • Comfy throw blanket
  • A book, or two, or three :)
  • Printable tags & bookmarks
  • Optional items: cute mug, hot chocolate, book light, gift card to favorite bookstore


Gift Tag:

The best way to print the bookmarks and the tags will be to save the images and then open in a program like Word and resize them to be the size you want.

And now for the important part…the winner of the Smirk giveaway is….

Comment #14- Life with the Ellwoods!
Congratulations!!! I will be in touch with you soon!

Thank you to everyone who entered, it was a lot of fun and I love all the Smirk products.   If you have any crocheting talent (NOT me) then I have some good news.  Smirk will soon be adding the patterns to her Etsy shop so you can make your very own adorable beanies and headbands.  For those of you with no crocheting talents (ME) be sure to check the Smirk Etsy shop often as new items are continually being added!  I think I need to go and order one of those flowered headbands now…

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12 Responses to Bookworm Gift & WINNER!

  1. Willa says:

    I can’t decide which is the cutest….the gift basket, bookmarks, or tag. Perfect for anyone who is a bookworm….like my daughter :)

  2. Olivia says:

    I know someone who would love this because she loves to read. She spent many nights under the covers with a flashlight reading when she was supposed to be in bed. This will be a perfect gift :)

  3. Big D and Me says:

    What a great present – as a bookworm I think this is the best – love the gift tag

  4. Life with the Ellwoods says:

    Ahh! I am so excited! Thank you!!!!

  5. Oh I want to pin this but then the person I want to give it to will see! I guess I will just have to remember.

  6. Mamie says:

    I love this gift! I would like to receive it!

  7. aprilhoyt says:

    What a cute gift basket!! Being a bookworm myself, I LOVE it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I am so glad I found your site!! I have a couple gifts I need to mail, but couldn’t find the right ideas. . . until today!!

  9. Wonderful ideas!
    thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Get creative. There’s no rule that says gourmet gifts have to actually be placed in “baskets”. They can be placed in boxes, on platters, etc. There are also gift towers to consider, which include multiple boxes placed on top of one another.

  11. Dawn Campbell says:

    Hi, I’m a parapligic sister. I love your ideas for visiting teaching messages :) but I have to do my visiting teaching through phone or mail. Can you help me out with new ideas, I’n running out. I love all I’ve seen, you’re great.

    • Brie @Darling Doodles says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Thank you for your comment and for showing your dedication to serving your sisters. I truly think that a simple but heartfelt note or card in the mail means a lot. I always say that things don’t need to be fancy or expensive, but just showing you care is what truly matters.

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