Lunch Box Printables

Kid #1: What do you have for lunch?
Kid #2: Beef tenderloin steaks with roasted baby potatoes seasoned with rosemary and garlic and sauteed with portobello mushrooms and a chocolate dipped biscotti.  What do you have?

Kid #1: I have a bologna sandwich and a bag of carrot sticks.  Plus this note my mom put in with a joke on it!

Kid #2:  Wow, you always have the best lunches!  I wish my mom was as cool as yours!

Now you can be as cool as Mom #1!

*Update* You can find new, fall themed lunch box notes here.

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20 Responses to Lunch Box Printables

  1. Lydia says:

    Aww this is such a cute idea! Even when I was in highschool I had a friend who brought her lunch and sometimes her mom would sneak messages into it, to tell you the truth I was a bit envious and secretly wanted my mom to still do that for me.

    Thank you for following me! And I am following you back :)

  2. Olivia says:

    Awesome post! I’ll bet your mom is proud of her clever daughter! I know I would be!

  3. mimijack says:

    I love these. My 5th grade daughter loves getting suprise notes in her lunch. She’s gonna LOVE these. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amy says:

    I looooove these! My mom used to put a note in my lunch every day from the time I started first grade until I was in high school. She actually still puts notes in my dad’s lunchbox on a napkin every day. It really does make you feel special and loved. :) I think these printables are just darling…I can’t wait to use something like this for my son when he starts school in a few years…but I’m in no hurry for that. ;) Thanks for following my blog; I’m following back!

  5. HI THERE! says:

    Such cute printables! I’m sure my son would love this and I would love to be cool Mom #1! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Just getting back from vacation and getting settled in but I can’t wait to come back and check out the rest of your blog when I have a little more time!
    Jenn :0

  6. Big D and Me says:

    I love these – can’t wait to use these

  7. These are soooo cute! Love ’em!

  8. I just printed these!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :) xo, Reannah

  9. Erin says:

    LOVE these! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. I love these. Thanks for sharing. My girls will love this!!!
    following you now.

  11. HSDesigns says:

    Absolutely ADORABLE! Thank you so much for helping us Mom’s make our kids days just a little brighter!

  12. Love this. It turned out great. I featured you today at my Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Having trouble with printing these? Is there a trick to scale it down to one page?

  14. stephen says:

    Wow ! what an interesting blog.Thanks for sharing this information.Your information is really informative for us.
    Nice blog on Lunch Boxes.
    Keep sharing more & more….

  15. Nicole says:

    Just found your site and it’s awesome!!! Thanks for all the free printables. Definitely putting you in my reader!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love everything on your blog! thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us! My kids will love these!

  17. Lisa says:

    these are awesome!!! thanks so much for sharing…but this may be a silly question…how do i print them /save them??
    thanks! Lisa

  18. LoriL says:

    Thanks so much! These are fabulous and my boys will love them.

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