Fourth of July Decor: From Sea to Shining Sea

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but the 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays.  I love everything about the day from the parades and fireworks to picnics and flags flying in the breeze. I love the feelings of pride, patriotism, gratitude, and love for our country that seem to fill the air.  And I love bringing a little bit of that feeling into my home by putting together a holiday display.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableI’ve had this display up in my home for a couple of weeks now and I have been meaning to post it before we get too close to the holiday but I’ve been so busy lately!  (Side note: thanks for all the custom orders, I have the BEST customers!)

The best part of this display is that I didn’t have to buy a single thing.  I raided my guest room for all the nautical elements and then stole the rest from other parts of the house.  The old books are my favorite, I’m a sucker for beautiful antique books.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableNautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableI made the banner using scrapbook paper and some thick, white twine.  Took me about two minutes which is about all the time I have to spare for crafting lately.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printableReally, the only things that are actually 4th of July in this display are the flags and the print I made. Everything else is just blue and red or has that “Americana” type of feel.

Nautical 4th of July decor and FREE printable_DSC1830

And of course, I’m sharing the Sea to Shining Sea print that I made!  Even if you don’t have any other nautical decorations I think this print will fit in beautifully to any patriotic display.


The 4th is only a week and a half away!  Get that decor up soon and show your patriotic spirit!


Man Up this Father’s Day

SAM!  If you are reading this post, stop now!  You will ruin your Father’s Day and then your wife and children will cry big tears of utter sadness and despair.  You don’t want that so STOP READING!!!

Just to clarify, if you name is Sam and you are not my husband then you can continue reading.  The Sam ban only applies to the man who lives in my house.   :)

I wanted to put together a quick little gift idea for Father’s Day since it is only a few days away.  Something that didn’t cost any money, or take lots of time to put together but that is still thoughtful and will definitely be enjoyed.  I tried to think of something my own wonderful husband and the best father to my children would like, and this is what I came up with!

One Free Man Day Card2Between work, family and church commitments, and the day to day stresses of mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, etc. my man doesn’t get much time to focus on his hobbies.  Sam loves to go out in his workshop building and creating but he usually has to do it in short spurts during the rare moments he has some free time.  Your man might enjoy hitting the golf course, spending the day on the lake fishing, or holed up with their favorite video games.  This gift card gives them the whole day to enjoy their “man time” without any guilt or worry!

Printable Father's Day Gift Card for the Manly Man in your life!DOWNLOAD THE PDF

And Sam, if you kept reading…well then Happy Early Father’s Day.  We love you!

This Post is Nothing Bundt Adorable!

I have a cute gift idea to share that centers around a bundt cake pan.  When I was planning the post I thought to myself, “Self…wouldn’t it be great to make a pretty bundt cake to use for staging the pictures?  And then I’ll have a tasty cake to eat after I’m done!  Win!”  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you saw how that fabulous idea turned out.  If you missed it, here is my pretty cake in all its glory.

Bundt Pan Gift Idea and Printable TagI should have taken a picture after I managed to carve the cake out of the pan and then frosted it.  You would think the frosting would help cover all manner of sins, but it actually looked worse.  Oh well…you better believe we still ate it and hey, my oven got a really good cleaning!

So now back to the gift idea.  Since wedding season is upon us I put together a gift idea and tag that is perfect for a bridal shower or as a wedding present.  Wish the new couple “Nothing Bundt Love and Joy!”

Bundt Pan Gift Idea and Printable TagThis gift requires a bundt cake pan, but after that it is up to you what you want to put in. I used some dishtowels, dishcloths, measuring cups, kitchen utensils, and a cute mason jar.  You could also put in a boxed cake mix and frosting, spices like vanilla or cinnamon, toothpicks and cupcake liners, etc.  Anything “baking” will totally fit!

Bundt Pan Gift Idea and Printable Tag

Download the PDF Gift Tag

Bundt Pan Gift Idea and Printable Tag********************************************************

I also wanted to let you know about a Coupon Code I have going for my Etsy Shop right now!  If you use the code ORGANIZE20 to purchase one of my matching Calendar and Menu Planner sets then you’ll receive 20% off.  This code is good for the next week so don’t miss out on this chance to get one of my favorite items! Here’s just a few of the sets for sale!

Joy Calendar and Menu2 Wild Flowers Calendar and Menu Chalkboard Calendar and Menu

June Visiting Teaching

Can you believe it? We are in June… that is halfway through the year!  I’m kind of in denial about it being June because that means we are about to enter the “Period of Perpetual Sun and Death” that is Phoenix in the summer.  We are hitting 115+ degrees this week.  Pray for me people.  Pray for me.

In other news, the message for this month is a beautiful one.  It is called Temple Ordinances and Covenants and reminds us of the importance of the promises we make with our Father in Heaven.  You can download the handout to take to the ladies you visit teach or mail it to them in a letter.  Last month I was really pressed for time so I just attached the handout image to an email and sent it that way.  While a visit is always great, just reaching out is wonderful too!

Download the PDF

June 2016 VT

Calendar and Menu Planner Sets+Giveaway Time!!

There is something on our kitchen wall that I look at every single day.  And I’m not talking about the smeared macaroni courtesy of my two year old.  No, these are two items that I depend on to keep me sane and organized!  They are a must in my life.  One is our Monthly Calendar and the other is our Menu Planner. Each is kept in a frame and I use dry erase markers to write on the glass but you could also laminate them and use markers on them that way.

I keep track of each family members activities and appointments, work schedules, and a to do list on the calendar.  We are constantly stopping by it to double check dates and times and plan our week.  Every day my husband asks me, “What’s for dinner?”  And every day I am able to glance over at the Menu Planner, see what is for dinner, and then tell him to start cooking.  :)  Planning out our menu each week helps with our grocery budget and simplifies the shopping.  I can’t live without them!!!

For the last year or so I have been selling my Monthly Calendar in my Etsy Shop and it is easily my number one item.  I sell more of the Monthly Calendar then all the other items combined so I must not be the only one who loves them!  But up until now there has only been one style available of the Calendar and I haven’t had a coordinating Menu Planner.  Well that tragic mistake has been remedied!  I now have six different styles (with more on the way!), each set comes with a Monthly Calendar and Menu Planner, and today I am going to give away THREE full sets!  But first, let me show you the new designs!

This is the set I currently am using in my own home.  The soft white roses look great against the rustic, weathered wood.  (and yes, I know it isn’t currently November but I wanted to fill it out so you could see how much space there is to write and I picked a random month. :)

White Roses Calendar and Menu Planner Set

White Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetWhite Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetWhite Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetWhite Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetFor the next style I added in some color to the roses design with pretty pinks, soft greens, and light teals.  The wood is a little deeper and the overall look is pretty and fresh.

Pink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Pink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetPink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner Set Pink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetPink Roses Calendar and Menu Planner SetI also printed off this next set to use so I can switch out the white roses when I want a little change.  I love the simple, modern look and I can’t say no to anything with some gold.

Mint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Mint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner SetMint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner SetMint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner Set Mint and Gold Arrow Calendar and Menu Planner SetBright and sunny more your style?  This set is cheerful and happy with yellows and blues plus lots of daisies.

Yellow and Blue Blooms Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Yellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner SetYellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner SetYellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner Set Yellow and Blue Flowers Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard is never going out of style right?  Can we all just agree on that right now?  Because I love me some chalkboard designs, and I always will.

Chalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Chalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetChalkboard Calendar and Menu Planner SetAnd lastly, the original design that now comes with a matching menu planner!  It will definitely bring some joy into your life!

Joy Calendar and Menu Planner Set

Joy Calendar and Menu Planner SetJoy Calendar and Menu Planner Set Joy Calendar and Menu Planner SetJoy Calendar and Menu Planner SetEach set is only $8.00 and you receive the files in high resolution JPEGs and PDFs.  I also love these items for more than just personal use.  I think they make GREAT gift ideas for so many occasions!  Bridal showers, weddings, teacher gifts, house warming, etc.  They are so useful and can be given for so many different occasions.  And the great thing about buying a digital file is you only have to buy it once, and then it is yours to print again and again, as many times as you need!  AWESOME, right?!

To celebrate the launch of these new items I’m going to host a giveaway on my Facebook page and give away THREE sets!  You can head on over to the page to enter and this weekend three people will randomly be chosen to pick any set they like!    Good luck and happy organizing!!!

My Cup Runneth Over…with puns.

I feel like time is slipping away faster and faster these days.   No matter what I do, I cannot get it too slow down. For example, I am working with a client to create promotional material for a conference in 2017.  2017 people!  That is just not right!  I feel old.

You might also be experiencing feelings of time-slipping-away-ness if you know someone who is graduating this year.  Taking the big step from childhood to adulthood.  Leaving the nest.  Moving on into the big wide world.

Well today I have a cute, little gift idea that you can give to that graduate in your life.  If you look, you can find graduation themed cups pretty much everywhere.  Mugs, water bottles, tumblers, etc.  They are lining the shelves in stores!  I found a really cute cup at the Dollar Tree which is perfect if you want to put together several small gifts since it is only $1!  I filled my cup up with just candy but this can easily be personalized depending on the recipient and your budget.  You could easily add in a gift card, some cash, a small box of jewelry, etc. into the cup along with the candy.

"Cup-letely" Awesome Graduation Gift Tag.  Free Printable!And yes.  That tag does say “Grad, You are Cup-letely Awesome.”  I totally went all out cheesy pun on this one!  What can I say?  It is just how I roll.  Don’t you love it?  Well, don’t worry if cheesy puns aren’t exactly your thing.  I went ahead and made another tag that is more generic and can be used for any gift.  “The Tassle was Worth the Hassle!”

Worth the Hassle Graduation Gift Tag.  Free Printable!You can download the PDF for both tags and use whichever one you’d like, or both!  And give a small gift to that special Grad in your life letting them know you are thinking of them and all they have achieved!