DIY Butterfly Cupcakes

If you are looking for an adorable and super easy treat to have at your next party, then I have the perfect food for you! Butterfly Cupcakes! These sweet treats are the perfect addition to a spring garden party, a little girl’s birthday, a baby shower, or just for fun. I made these with the help of my little girl and she had so much fun creating the cupcakes and licking the frosting off her fingers. A win-win for all!

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly Cupcakes

Now if you have the time, talent, and desire then by all means you can make the cupcakes and frosting from scratch. If you want to, I say go for it! But what I really loved about these cupcakes is the ability to be semi-homemade. So I started with some cupcakes from our local bakery.

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly CupcakesWith the cupcakes already taken care of it is time to move onto the decorations. To make the wings I used these yummy white chocolate melting wafers, with a few drops of food coloring for color.  After melting the chocolate dip the pretzels in the chocolate with a fork and allow the extra chocolate to drip off.Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly CupcakesEasy and Cute DIY Butterfly Cupcakes

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay the dipped pretzels on the cookie sheet. I made two colors, blue and yellow and drizzled a little extra frosting on top of the yellow pretzels. Once you have dipped all your pretzels, place them in the freezer for 5-10 minutes just to let the chocolate completely harden. (PSA: the chocolate dipped pretzels are super tasty just on their own so make a couple of extra to munch on while you are putting together the cupcakes. You’re welcome.)

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly CupcakesNext it is time to decorate! I made the butterfly bodies in two different ways. For the first option I used some green frosting to make a little body and then covered it with M&M’s. For the second I skipped the green frosting and just used M&M’s to make the body. (There is a picture below showing the two differences.)

The antennas are made with twizzlers licorice! I grabbed a bag with mini twizzlers in rainbow colors and then pulled the purple pieces off to make the antenna.

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly Cupcakes 2

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly Cupcakes

These Butterfly Cupcakes sat on a container on my counter for about 24 hours and they held up great! The wings and antennae stayed up and they tasted delicious. And aren’t they adorable! How fun are they for springtime!? This is a great recipe to hold onto when you want to add just a little something extra to your dessert but don’t want to add any extra stress or hassle. They are easy, quick, and very sweet!

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly CupcakesSo what do you think? Will you be making some Butterfly Cupcakes of your own? Let me know!

Easy and Cute DIY Butterfly Cupcakes





Spring Decorating Ideas and Free Welcome Spring Printable

Now that Easter is over I have changed out my “mantle” for Spring and I just had to share some spring decorating ideas. Dare I say that this is my favorite display yet? It is totally different from my other displays, which I love. A little variety is nice! I love how fresh and airy it feels, yet it also feels elegant and maybe even a little fancy.

Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle and other spring decorating ideas

I changed out the white window frame that is usually above my piano for this beautiful metal-decorative-frame-thingy. I don’t know what to call it exactly, but my mom bought it for me at Michaels in the clearance section at 80% off! Whatever it is, I’ll take it!!

Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle and other spring decorating ideasThe tall glass bottles are my latest find at the thrift store. I picked up four bottles for under $3! They are so pretty and look beautiful filled with some faux white flowers from Walmart and green leaves and branches I cut in my own backyard!

Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle and other spring decorating ideasEverything else I had on hand, just did my usual shopping around the house. I used some burlap ribbon to hide the titles on the top of the book and turned them around so you aren’t distracted by the titles on the spine either.

Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle and other spring decorating ideas

I love the soft colors and slight vintage look of this display. It is a nice transition from the bright pastels of Easter.

Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantleElegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle and other spring decorating ideasI created this Welcome Beautiful Spring print to add to my display and I am sharing it with you as a free printable! Simply download, print, and place in a frame next to a vase of pretty flowers and you’ve added a touch of spring into your home.


Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle

Have you already taken down your Easter decorations? Are you planning on decorating for spring? Share your ideas and pictures! Tag me on instgram with the hashtag #darlingdoodlesdesign so I can see all your displays!

Elegant greenery and white accessories add the perfect touches for decorating a spring mantle

Travel and Adventure Themed Little Boys Nursery

My sweet boy turned two years old last week, and to celebrate I decorated his nursery!  Just kidding, that would be the worst celebration ever for a two year old.  Also, can I still call it a nursery if he is two? As long as there is still a crib in there, I think it can pass as a nursery. Anyway, to celebrate we actually took him to a train park; now that was a great celebration for his train-obsessed little heart. And…I did finish decorating his room but it just happened to coincide with him turning two. So we’ll just say it was part of his birthday present and not that it took me that long to actually finish a project. :) Nothing like a little procrastination, right? But look…how cute is he on his birthday?! He LOVES trains, and was in train heaven at this fantastic park!

Birthday Boy at Train ParkFor his room I knew I wanted to put together a look that wasn’t too “theme-y” or over the top cheesy but still had a clear direction. And I think I struck a perfect balance with his travel and adventure nursery.

Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel ThemeI don’t have a before picture, but imagine the wall with the crib as a really dark, dark, navy and the rest of the walls were a light tan. Painting everything a nice white really brightened the entire room and made it feel much larger. It also gave me the perfect blank space to showcase the accessories.

Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel Theme

I shopped thrift stores, yard sales, clearance sections, and used coupons to put together the look on a budget. And my handy husband was really great about making a few items for me as well! Like the frame around the large map above the crib, the planter boxes I designed, and the poster frame for the New York print.

Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel ThemeLittle Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel ThemeLittle Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel ThemeI honestly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and the personal touches all throughout the room. The rocking horse in the corner was mine when I was a little girl. The large wooden airplane belonged to my brother when he was a boy. There are art pieces that mean a lot to us, and plenty of storage to hold blocks, books, trains, puzzles, and everything a little boy could want.

Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel Theme Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel Theme Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel Theme Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel Theme Little Boy Nursery Decorated with Travel ThemeWhile I don’t have a link or store for every item since some of it was hand-me-down or thrifted, here is a basic breakdown of the decor:

    • Crib: Burlington Coat Factory
    • Bookshelves: IKEA
    • Wooden Storage Crates: IKEA
    • Rocking Chair: Babies R’ Us
    • Curtains: Amazon
    • Large Map: Amazon (under $8.00 for this huge map!!)
    • Vintage Train Print: Instant Graphics on Etsy
    • BYU Fight Song Print: HelloHannahLow on Etsy
    • Vintage Map of Boston: ArtDeco on Etsy
    • Navy Blue Frames: Hobby Lobby
    • New York Poster: Hobby Lobby ($3.00 on clearance!)
    • Map Frame, Poster Frame, Planter Boxes: Handmade by Hubby
    • Small Globe & Clock: Homegoods

This room may have taken me two years to finally finish, but it was worth it. We spend a lot of time playing in here and having it all put together feels great. And now that it is done I have his room, I kind of have an itch to redo his sister’s room! I wonder if I could finish it before another two years is up….



Easter and Spring Decorating Ideas

I know I probably say this about every holiday and season, but I truly LOVE decorating for Easter and Spring. The colors are so pretty, the flowers are cheerful, and everything just looks fresh and new. I feel like Easter decor gives my house a breath of fresh air! My “mantel” aka piano, is pretty simple with a basket of colorful eggs, bunnies, and flowers all in a pretty pastel palette.
Easter and Spring Decorations in Living RoomAlmost everything I have is actually reused from last year, just arranged slightly different. Hey, if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it! The only thing I bought for this year was this “Think Spring” sign from the Target dollar spot.

Easter and Spring Decorations in Living RoomThe rest of the decor is a mixture of Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree. The flowers are all from the Dollar Tree, I love using their flowers for quick little displays like this, it definitely helps keep the cost low!

Easter and Spring Decorations in Living RoomEaster and Spring Decorations in Living Room


Over in the living room I added a few more spring touches on top of our toy storage cabinet. The Hello Spring sign is from Walmart, I love some of the new decor pieces they have in stores for spring. I was tempted to buy several items, but thankfully I resisted and only walked away with this cute sign.

Easter and Spring Decorations in Living RoomOne great thing about these decorations is that once Easter is over it will be pretty simple to transfer them over to just Spring decor. I’ll have to remove the eggs and bunnies, but all the other pieces can stay.

Easter and Spring Decorations in Living RoomA few springy touches are all it took to make my home feel ready for Easter! Have you already decorated your house yet? Be sure to share a picture, I’d love to be inspired by your decor!



Easy and Delicious Chocolate Cherry Cake Recipe

A little while ago a friend and I traded some babysitting and while I was at her house she offered me a piece of cake. Of course I said yes and what followed was a super delicious chocolately treat! She told me that it is the cake her husband requests every year for his birthday, and after tasting it, it wasn’t hard to see why. I immediately asked if I could have the recipe, because I wanted it for myself, and then I also knew I had to share it here on the blog! I was surprised at how easy it was, which makes it even better! It is more of a semi-homemade cake which is my favorite kind of recipe. They’re quick, hard to mess up, and are made with easy ingredients. The perfect combination: Chocolate Cherry Cake!

The detailed recipe is below, but here are the basic steps! This cake starts with a boxed mix (devil’s food cake), a can of cherry pie filling, eggs, water, and almond extract.

Once all the ingredients are mixed together pour into a greased 9×13 pan and bake for 40 minutes.

Then comes the really good part! Using butter, chocolate chips, milk, and sugar make a fudge frosting. In all honesty I could just eat this frosting all by itself. It is so good and the best part of this cake in my opinion.

The frosting goes on while the cake is still slightly warm and the end result is a gooey, yummy, chocolately cherry piece of deliciousness.

Another great thing about this recipe is that it makes several servings! Baked in a large pan this cake will go a long way when feeding a crowd. The detailed recipe as well as the printable PDF are below. When you make this yummy treat be sure to come back and let me know how it turns out!




St. Patrick’s Day Decor

It seems like last year with Easter in March, there was hardly any time between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter so decorating for both holidays went a little fast. I am glad there is plenty of time in between the two holidays so I can decorate for both! I decorated on my piano again, my go to space since my house is sadly lacking a mantle, and then carried a few more details over into our family room. But first, the piano!

St Patricks Day DecorationsLike most holiday displays in my house, I start by gathering up anything in my rooms that fits the theme! So in this case, anything green and gold! Including 2 empty avocado oil bottles that were just too cool to throw away when empty. They are the tall bottles hiding in the back.

I also used pennants from this banner to decorate and add some more St. Patty’s day charm. Easiest way to add in a little lucky decor!

St Patricks Day DecorationsSt Patricks Day Decorations St Patricks Day Decorations St Patricks Day Decorations St Patricks Day DecorationsThe few pieces of the actual St. Patrick’s Day decor came from Hobby Lobby. The best place for holiday decorations, am I right? Just take all my money Hobby Lobby and let’s be done with it.

Then I added a few extra touches in my family room with some fun pom-pom banners and a little more green and gold.

St Patricks Day DecorationsThese pom-pom banners were so incredibly easy to make, I think I am going to make some for every holiday for these shelves. They just look so cute! All I did was use a needle and some thread and make sure to poke the needle through the “thicker” center of the pom-pom ball.

St Patricks Day DecorationsAnd look! My gold mason jars showed up in the decor as well! And I just got a new letter board from a great group on Facebook, Dear Ruby Boards.  Look them up if you’re interested, I am having so much fun changing out the quotes on mine for all sorts of occasions!

St Patricks Day DecorationsAnd that finishes my touches of gold and green throughout the house! Have you decorated your house for St. Patrick’s Day yet? Share your pictures!


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