August 2015 Visiting Teaching

I have missed doing the monthly handouts for visiting teaching.  I missed the chance it gave me to sit down each month and read the message and scriptures and think about the meaning as I was creating the design.  I hope you enjoy having these handouts as much as I enjoy putting them together.

The message for August is called Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ- Meek and Humble.  The whole message is good, of course, but a few parts stuck out to me.  One in particular is this quote that says, “Being meek does not mean weakness, but it does mean behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self-worth, and self-control.”  I love that.  Those are all qualities that Christ exhibited perfectly and ones that I would love to develop fully.  I also loved the quote that I put the handout which you can find below.

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August 2015 VT

DIY Play Makeup

My little girl is my shadow, all day every day.  Whatever I am doing Savannah thinks she has to be doing it too.  It is mostly adorable but sometimes frustrating when it involves something that can make a mess.  She is really good at making messes.  Most two year olds are.

Just about every morning when I sit down to do my makeup she crawls up next to me and tries to get her hands onto anything she can.  Now I hate to be one to criticize my own child, but here it goes.  Savannah’s technique for applying makeup is not the best.  In fact, she’s pretty bad at it.  :)

DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishShe has so much fun sitting next to me and being a big girl, but I can’t have her making messes or wasting expensive makeup every day.  So I decided to create some makeup that is just her very own.  And the best part is it is mess free!

DIY Play Makeup With Nail Polish

I picked up a few different colors of nail polish at the dollar store and saved a some of my empty makeup containers. After washing them really well with soap and water I set them aside to dry completely.  Then it was as easy as pouring the polish into the containers.

DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishDIY Play Makeup With Nail Polish DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishHonestly, so easy.  The polish needs to dry for at least 24 hours to completely harden.  Longer if you are pouring it into a deeper container and the polish is thick.

DIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishDIY Play Makeup With Nail PolishAnd that is it!  Super simple and cheap.  And now Savannah has her very own makeup that looks like the real thing and is mess free.  It has made my mornings a little easier and I still get to have my makeup buddy next to me.  Win win!

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls

Hey look!  It’s me!  With an actual post!  Wonders never cease, do they?  That’s right, I’m going to give it my best and do this blogging thing again.  Thank you all for sticking with me through moving, new babies, and life changes!

Since we bought our first home we have really been enjoying making it our own.  Being able to set up your home and change it in any way you want is a wonderful feeling!  I’ll share some of the projects we’ve done as I go on, but for now I wanted to show our latest project and the beginning of our master bedroom decorating.  First, I’m going to show you a couple of very sad pictures:

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured WallsThis is basically how our master bedroom has looked since we moved in.  Which was 10 months ago!  We’ve been living in a big, blank, empty space the color of oatmeal for nearly a year.  With nothing but a sheet on the bed because living in Phoenix is like living on the surface of the sun.  Isn’t this the most depressing bedroom you’ve seen?  At least I picked up the pajamas and baby toys off the floor before taking these pictures.  That’s something right?

Well the first step to transforming our bedroom is now completed so we are one step closer to having a relaxing, beautiful retreat.  We painted some bold stripes on the wall behind our bed to create a feature wall and I thought I’d share a tip on how to achieve straight lines when dealing with textured walls.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured WallsOne of my least favorite characteristics of southwest homes is the textured walls.  Why people think it is a good idea to make it look like your walls are covered in some badly spread cream cheese is beyond me.  And it can make it really hard to paint a clean line, whether you are adding stripes or just painting along the edges where the walls and ceiling meet.  But it can be done by adding in one extra step!

First we started by taping off our stripes.  We used Frog Tape and it did the job perfectly.  If you are doing stripes (ours are 8″ wide) remember to tape along the outside of the top and bottom of the stripe.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured WallsHow To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured WallsHow To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls

Make sure to press the tape edges down as firmly as possible.  And now comes the all important step: paint over the edge of the tape with the base coat already on the wall.  This will allow the base coat to seep in under the tap in any place where the seal is not perfectly tight due to the texture.  It basically seals the tape so that none of the new paint can get underneath.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls

Using tape alone it is practically impossible to seal in every little bump and dent created by the textured finish.  Sealing your tape with the base color is key!

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls

Allow the paint to dry completely and then you can beginning adding your new color.  For us we went with a very, very light cream to contrast and add some brightness to the space.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls

You can allow the new color paint to dry completely but you definitely don’t have to wait.  Sometimes the tape even comes off easier if the paint is still slightly wet.  As you begin to pull back your tape you’ll see crisp, clean lines underneath.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured WallsNo leaking or seeping through!  It is one extra step but so worth it.  It can be the difference between your walls looking like the were painted by a professional or a sloppy DIY job.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured WallsI know it is just some paint on one wall, but I already love the change it has made to our bedroom.  It has made me even more excited to continue the decorating and start adding in some color and accessories.  Actually making the bed helps too.

How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls How To Paint Crisp, Clean Lines on Textured Walls

If you are dealing with textured walls like me, I hope this tip helps.  And it works just as well if you are trying to get a clean edge where the wall meets the ceiling or where two walls come together in a corner.  So tape, seal, paint, and then enjoy!

Mister Milo Makes a Family of Four

It seems my new trend is to write about things months after they’ve happened.  Why not, right?  :)

Even though I’m not  blogging full time right now I have still had so many sweet comments and emails from loyal readers wanting an update since my last post.  So better late than never I’d like to introduce you to our sweet boy Milo Samuel.

Milo Newborn 1Milo was born on March 16th, just over a week late the little stinker.  Actually, he wasn’t little at all!  Milo came in weighing 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 inches long.  I will never forget the incredible, amazing experience of giving birth and seeing him for the first time.  I feel beyond blessed to have had two unique, beautiful experiences in growing our family.  Experiencing Savannah’s adoption and then the pregnancy/birth of Milo have brought me more joy than I can describe.

Milo Collage 1Milo Collage 2Milo is such a good natured, sweet baby.  He has quite the set of lungs that he can put to good use crying when he is hungry or tired but besides that he is just content and happy.  He is quick to smile and ready to laugh.  He is a strong boy and started rolling over before he was three weeks old.  It is amazing to watch him lift his head and push his feet and I have a feeling he will be scooting and crawling too soon.

Milo Newborn 5 Milo Newborn 2

Milo is named after my great-great-great-grandfather Edward Milo Webb.  Edward Milo was a blacksmith in Nauvoo, Illinois and along with his brothers he ran the Webb Blacksmith Shop.  They made hundreds, if not thousands, of wagons for pioneers going west.  He then set out west himself following his faith.  He was a man of integrity who lived his life in service to those around him and to the Lord.  He is a perfect namesake for our little Milo along with his dad Sam.  His dad is good, kind, and hardworking.  Milo is lucky to be named after two great men.

Savannah has jumped into the role of being a good big sister.  She was a bit wary at first of this squirmy, little thing that was taking away her mom’s attention but it didn’t take long for her to fall in love.  Now she has to know where he is at all times and she is constantly smothering him with hugs and kisses.

Milo Newborn 9 Milo Newborn 8

Milo has the most kissable, squishy cheeks and chubby rolls all over his body.  At three months he is already wearing 6-9 month clothing and is holding strong in the 99th percentile for height and weight.

Milo Blessing Day Milo Faces 2I can’t believe it has already been three and a half months since we brought him home.  He has  changed so much since then!  It has been an adjustment figuring out how to be mom to two kids but we’re making it through.  I love watching Savannah love her brother and seeing Sam be the best daddy to both our children melts my heart.  My little family is my whole world, and what a beautiful world it is.



Where in the world did I go?!?

So….hey.  How’s it going?  It only been about oh, six months since I last wrote anything on this blog.  Is anyone out there even still checking to see if I wrote something new?  If so that is some serious dedication.  I apologize for just disappearing so quickly and for so long!  You see something happened that completely threw my blogging schedule out the window.  That thing that happened?  It’s called life.  And boy does it like to throw us some curve balls once in awhile.  Here’s a small breakdown…

My husband was unexpectedly offered a job in Phoenix, AZ.  For those of you who don’t know he works for our church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in the temple department and had been at the Boston temple for the last few years.  A new temple was being opened up in Phoenix and they were interested in moving him out to AZ.  It was a good job opportunity and promotion but at the time (this was in June) our daughter’s adoption wasn’t finalized and we couldn’t leave Massachusetts until the adoption was final.  And that wasn’t supposed to happen until October or November and since the new job started in August he had to say no.  About a month later we got a call from our lawyer saying they had been able to move things up and our adoption hearing was now scheduled to happen in three days! Yay!  We were so excited to be able to finalize everything way ahead of schedule.  We’d waited long enough to make this family official.  Our finalization day was wonderful and we were so blessed to have awesome friends come and celebrate with us at the courthouse.  I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few pictures from our wonderful day!

_DSC0137 _DSC1167 _DSC0005 _DSC0052 _DSC0073The judge was so sweet and good with Savannah.  It was such a happy day and I love that when the judge officially and legally declared us a family the whole court room cheered, the lawyers, bailiff, and court reporter.  A happy day indeed!


So that good news happened, and then about two weeks later we received some VERY unexpected and additional good news…

_DSC0032Big Sister Baby AnnouncementUm, what?!  Yep, I’m pregnant.  Never, ever thought I would be saying that.  The fact that this all happened just weeks after finalizing our adoption just proves to me how much Savannah was meant to be in our family.  She just HAD to come first!  I was pretty thrown for a loop and still processing the whole thing when my husband received a call again just double checking to see if he wanted the job in Arizona.  And now that our adoption had been finalized way ahead of schedule he was able to say yes!  In a matter of a few weeks we finalized our adoption, found out we were pregnant, moved across the country from MA to AZ, bought a house, and started a new job.  It has been a crazy few months to say the least.  I finally feel as if things are starting to settle down, until I think about the fact that we are going to have a newborn baby in March.  It’s a boy by the way! So much to prepare!


I hope you’ll all understand why I suddenly stopped blogging and why I may or may not be taking it up again.  That is still to be determined.  We’ll have to see how it all goes.  Life, it is full of surprises!

Classic Car Birthday Party

A few weeks ago one of Savannah’s little best friends, Logan, celebrated his first birthday.  His mom happens to be one of my very best friends too, in fact we’re pretty much convinced that our children are going to be married when they are older.  :)

But for now we’ll just let them be cute little buddies and celebrate their birthdays.  I was able to help Logan’s mom put together his party and I thought I’d share some of the adorable details.  The theme was Classic Cars and Route 1 and I think it all turned out great!

Classic Car Birthday PartyWhat an adorable little family right?  And how CUTE are those shirts that Tory made for her family?  They are one of my favorite things about this whole party.

There were lots of great details, like the race flag cupcake toppers on all of the cupcakes and an adorable smash cake complete with cars on top.

Classic Car Birthday PartyClassic Car Birthday Party

**** So here is a fun little interruption.  I started writing this post Monday evening and now I’m having to finish it up Tuesday morning.  Last night we had a tornado warning for our town and while we didn’t actually have a tornado there was some pretty crazy weather with lots of rain and lightning.  Some big ol’ trees found themselves on the ground all over the neighborhood and we lost power.  When I went to bed at about 11:00 pm the power was still out but thankfully it came back on sometime in the night!  Crazy!  Now back to your regularly scheduled program…. *****

Here is one of the things I helped create, some gas pump juice box covers!  These were Tory’s idea, so I can’t take the credit for that, but I think they turned out pretty cute.

Classic Car Birthday PartyClassic Car Birthday PartyAnother feature was this awesome photo booth.  I think this is such a great way to document the guests that come to your party and so many families took pictures of themselves too so they have a great keepsake.

Classic Car Birthday Party Photo BoothAll together it made for one fun party all to celebrate Logan’s first year!  Thanks Tory and family for a great time!

With all of the pieces I was able to create I put together a new party package to add to my shop!  Classic Car Birthday Party coming right at you!

Classic Car Party Package 1 Classic Car Party Package 2

Classic Car Birthday Customized Invitations

This package can be purchased from my Etsy Store or by simply filling out the request form on my party package page.  Like all my other pre-made packages it is only $15.00 and perfect for your little guy who loves cars!